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Maximise your athletic potential with Hytro

The first Blood Flow Restriction (BFR) wearable designed specifically to improve Sports performance.

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An easy-to-use training tool, proven by Elite Sports, to deliver simple and practical BFR for the enhanced recovery and performance of all Athletes.

What is BFR?

Simply put, Blood Flow Restriction (BFR) involves safely trapping blood in the muscles while recovering post workout or performing exercise at a very low intensity.

The restricted muscles fill with blood and become swollen and stressed, making exercise significantly harder and forcing the body to adapt.

How the body adapts depends on the BFR protocol performed, dramatically enhancing Recovery effectiveness, and is proven in Training to improve muscle growth and increase endurance.   Learn more

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How it works

Oxygenated blood flows into the muscle while BFR straps restrict the return flow of deoxygenated blood., causing it to pool in the muscle.

As the muscles swell with blood they become hypoxic (low oxygen), meanwhile, lactic acid builds up causing stress. This causes a strong adaptive response by the body especially Recovery and muscle growth hormone production, as well as increased muscle fibre activation.

Upon release of the restriction, a powerful flush of blood removes waste and inflammation from the muscles and joints to support faster Recovery. The effectiveness of exercise is magnified by BFR, allowing large performance gains to be made in very short periods of time 

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Hytro BFR


Hytro BFR

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August 4th, 2022Josh Charnley wearing Hytro BFR wearables whilst training

How to optimise your rugby pre-season

An effective rugby pre-season requires careful planning, an understanding of the desired outputs and how to utilise valuable tools, like Blood Flow Restriction, to optimise recovery.

August 3rd, 2022Chris Billam-Smith wearing Hytro BFR Tee whilst training

Dr Warren talks BFR for elite sport with the Science for Sport Podcast

Dr Warren Bradley, the founder of Hytro, joined Max Solomon of the Science for Sport Podcast to discuss the use of Blood Flow Restriction in elite sport. Dr Warren talks all about BFR, the science behind it and more.

July 28th, 2022Charlie Willett wearing her Exeter Rugby kit

From a fractured back to an international cap – Charlie Willett shares her road to recovery

After sustaining a back injury, professional rugby league player Charlie Willett was ruled out of the 2020/21 season. This year she has had to learn how to shift her mindset and practices to recover effectively with BFR and perform at her best.