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Prepare, Train and Recover like never before

The first Blood Flow Restriction (BFR) wearable, pressure validated, and designed specifically to improve Sports performance.

Faster, more effective Recovery, with Hytro

Easier, safer and more practical BFR for teams and athletes than ever before.

Perform better, by improving preparation

Use BFR to more effectively drive blood into the joints and muscles before exercise.

Pressure validated BFR wearables, proven by Pro Sports, to deliver simple and practical BFR for the enhanced performance of all Athletes.

Performance BFR

Our goal is to leverage the power of Blood Flow Restriction (BFR) to maximise athletic potential and enhance performance.

Strength & Conditioning Practitioners and Physios will already be familiar with the benefits of Blood Flow Restriction.   But now thanks to our patented BFR wearables, Performance Coaches are able to use BFR to Prepare, Train and Recover athletes quicker and more effectively than before, safely and without supervision.

The carefully researched technology in our products – positioned specifically at the most proximal point on the limb – is proven to deliver simple & practical BFR, safely and consistently with every use.

To book a demo for your club speak to our Pro Sports Team today.

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How it works


Oxygenated blood flows into the muscle while BFR straps restrict the return flow of deoxygenated blood, causing it to pool in the muscle.

As the muscles swell with blood, they become hypoxic (low oxygen), meanwhile lactic acid builds up causing stress. This results in a strong adaptive response , especially in recovery & muscle growth hormone production, as well as increased muscle fibre activation.

Upon release, a powerful flush of blood removes waste & inflammation from the muscles and joints to support faster Recovery.  The effectiveness of any exercise is magnified by BFR, allowing large performance gains to be made in very short periods of time. 

To get the most from your Hytro BFR, be sure to check out the protocols in our User Guide


Hytro BFR


Hytro BFR

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November 30th, 2023

From NFL to Bespoke Rehabilitation: Aaron Borgmann’s Expertise on Reducing Rehab Time

Aaron Borgmann, leading Physical Therapist and Athletic Trainer in the US, joins Tom Atkinson of Hytro BFR to talk about working in the NFL, translating those practices to his own rehab business, and how BFR has played a game-changing part in his treatment of athletes and patients.

October 25th, 2023

Building Better American Football Athletes: How Nebraska Huskers are Using Squad-Wide BFR

Mitch Cholewinski, Coordinator of Football Sports Science at the University of Nebraska Football, has recently introduced squad-wide BFR via the Hytro BFR wearables. We caught up with him to understand why recovery is so important in American football, and how periodising recovery can support players to hit the highest levels.

October 18th, 2023Bradley Scanes with Max Verstappen holding F1 race trophy

Unravelling the Science of BFR and Team Dynamics that gives Red Bull Racing an edge, with Bradley Scanes

Whilst the driver might be the face of a Formula 1 team, we previously learned from Bradley Scanes – Max Verstappen’s Human Performance Coach - that it’s very much a team sport with high demands on all involved. Bradley recently joined us for an update on the season, how that team effort leads to success, and how Max’s weekly use of BFR is playing its part in this exhilarating championship.