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Prepare, Train and Recover like never before

The first Blood Flow Restriction (BFR) wearable, pressure validated, and designed specifically to improve Sports performance.

Recover Anywhere, Anytime

Shown to reduce fatigue by 75% and muscle soreness by up to 71%

Perform better, by improving preparation

Improve flexibility & reduce injury risk and joint pain by upto 38%

A wearable solution that unlocks the benefits of BFR  before, during and after exercise, like never before.

Performance BFR

Blood Flow Restriction involves applying a strap to the arms or legs to restrict blood flow into the muscles during low-intensity exercise or recovery protocols, resulting in accelerated and more efficient results. 

Not just for rehab now – thanks to our patented wearables, Performance Coaches are now able to use BFR to Prepare, Train and Recover healthy athletes quicker and more effectively than before, safely and without supervision.

The carefully researched technology in our products – positioned specifically at the most proximal point on the limb – is proven to deliver simple & practical BFR, safely and consistently with every use.

Check out the video below to learn more…

How it works


Blood Flow Restriction (BFR) is a methodology used by athletes and coaches to enhance athletic development and unlock competitive advantage.

Blood Flow Restriction, or BFR, works by locking blood in the muscles with a strap while performing low-intensity exercise or recovery protocols, driving quicker and more effective performance adaptations.

Historically a rehabilitation tool, the use of BFR has dramatically increased in recent years as the performance benefits were better understood, including; enhanced exercise preparation, improved training adaptations, pain modulation, and accelerated recovery.

To get the most from your Hytro BFR, be sure to check out the protocols in our User Guide


Hytro BFR


Hytro BFR

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February 27th, 2024Charlie Willett performing lunges whilst wearing Hytro BFR Performance Shorts

Maximising your Rehab: A Comprehensive Approach

Embarking on a rehabilitation journey is a commitment to your well-being and recovery. Whether you are recovering from an injury or looking to enhance your physical performance, a multi-faceted approach is key. We spoke with our partners at Technique Health and Fitness, who have sports medicine clinics across London, to explore how integrating sports massage, physiotherapy, and Blood Flow Restriction (BFR) can maximise your rehab efforts and get you back on track.

February 20th, 2024GB Basketball and Hytro logo overlaid onto image of basketball player with ball

Hytro Appointed Exclusive BFR Performance Partner to GB Basketball to Boost Team’s International Success

Hytro proudly announces its Official BFR Performance Partnership with GB Basketball introducing cutting-edge BFR wearables to the nation’s premier team. This collaboration aims to optimise performance at a fascinating time in the sport of basketball here in Great Britain.

February 16th, 2024Sarah Payne strapping into Hytro BFR Performance Shorts whilst sitting down

BFR and Rehabilitation; The ‘Human First’ Advantages on the Body and Mind

Sarah Payne, footballer and Strength and Conditioning Coach, shares how BFR and the Hytro wearables have transformed her ACL rehab journey, offering both mental and physical benefits that align with her commitment to the ‘human first’ approach.