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Maximise your athletic potential with Hytro

The first Blood Flow Restriction (BFR) wearable, pressure validated, and designed specifically to improve Sports performance.

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An easy-to-use training tool, proven by Elite Sports, to deliver simple and practical BFR for the enhanced recovery and performance of all Athletes.

Why Hytro BFR?

Our goal is to leverage the power of Blood Flow Restriction (BFR) to maximise athletic potential and enhance performance.

Strength & Conditioning Practitioners and Physios will already be familiar with the benefits of Blood Flow Restriction.   But now thanks to our patented BFR wearables, Performance Coaches are able to use BFR to recover athletes quicker and more effectively than before, safely and without supervision.

The carefully integrated technology in our products – positioned specifically at the most proximal point on the limb – is proven to deliver simple and practical BFR, safely and consistently with every use.

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How it works

Oxygenated blood flows into the muscle while BFR straps restrict the return flow of deoxygenated blood., causing it to pool in the muscle.

As the muscles swell with blood they become hypoxic (low oxygen), meanwhile, lactic acid builds up causing stress. This causes a strong adaptive response by the body especially Recovery and muscle growth hormone production, as well as increased muscle fibre activation.

Upon release of the restriction, a powerful flush of blood removes waste and inflammation from the muscles and joints to support faster Recovery. The effectiveness of exercise is magnified by BFR, allowing large performance gains to be made in very short periods of time 

To get the most from your Hytro BFR, be sure to check out the protocols in our User Guide


Hytro BFR


Hytro BFR

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November 25th, 2022Hytro BFR partner with Rehab 4 Performance R4P

Hytro continue to grow sports BFR community, partnering with Rehab 4 Performance

Hytro, the first Blood Flow Restriction (BFR) wearable designed specifically to improve sports performance, has extended its presence within professional sport following the announcement of a partnership with Rehab 4 Performance (R4P) the world class Physiotherapy, Sports Injury, Rehabilitation and Performance Centre specialising in dealing with professional athletes.

November 11th, 2022

Hytro BFR to be subject of exciting new research into recovery of top-flight rugby with James Morehen of Bristol Bears

Hytro are delighted to announce a new research project between Dr Warren Bradley, co-founder of Hytro, Dr James Morehen, author of The Performance Nutritionist, and Premiership Rugby side Bristol Bears.
Together, they will use Hytro BFR to carry out the first practical BFR study that’s ever been done in professional sport.

November 3rd, 2022

Primed for the Premiership: How Newcastle Falcons are using Hytro for performance

With the rugby union season well under way, players and teams are focused on maximising training efficiency to best prepare for winning games. We caught up with Head of Athletic Performance at Newcastle Falcons, Kevin McShane, to learn how his players prepared for the season ahead.