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Prepare, Train and Recover more effectively with revolutionary Performance BFR

All athletes need to manage load and volume training around their body's needs.

Performance BFR lets you create Training adaptions faster, Recover more effectively, and push past your limits safely & effectively.

Train & Recover any where, any time.

Faster recovery, even on the road.

Abbie Pulling - Alpine Racing Academy

Accelerated rehab & muscle growth

Charlie Willett - Exeter Chiefs

Performance gains before, during and after gameday

Natasha Miles - Middlesex Cricket

More than ever, coaches and athletes look to BFR to manage female specific performance needs.

Hytro BFR is the most versatile tool to manage monthly training loads, improve strength gains and reduce the risk of ligament injury.


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    April 24th, 2024Casey Toohill tackling another footballer

    Insights from the NFL: Optimising Performance through Individualisation and Innovation

    The NFL sets the stage for the pinnacle of athletic performance, requiring players and coaches to continuously refine their training and recovery strategies for the demanding in-season. In our discussion, we talked with Casey Toohill, formerly of the Washington Commanders and now a Defensive End for the Buffalo Bills, alongside Ryan Vermilion Jr., an Assistant Strength and Athletic Performance Coach with the Washington Commanders. Together, they provided invaluable insights into the intricate world of NFL performance optimisation.

    April 24th, 2024Adelaide Crows x Hytro logos on background image of two players

    Hytro Announced as Official Performance BFR Partner to Adelaide Crows as Part of Research into Improving Player Recovery

    Hytro has officially partnered with the Adelaide Crows to collaborate on a research study using Blood Flow Restriction to maximise player recovery, with protocols to be adopted upon conclusion for future games within Aussie rules.

    April 19th, 2024Hytro Performance Podcast logo with John Noonan

    Episode 3: Enabling Exceptional F1 Drivers through Human-Centred Coaching with John Noonan

    In Formula One racing having the fastest car or the most skilled driver is crucial to winning, but equally important is the team of dedicated professionals who work tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure that every aspect of performance is optimised. At the heart of this team is the performance coach. In the third Hytro Performance Podcast, we spoke to John Noonan to understand more about his role, and how he curates peak performance, guiding drivers through the mental, physical, and emotional challenges of one of the most demanding sports on the planet.