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Prepare, Train and Recover more effectively with revolutionary Performance BFR

All athletes need to manage load and volume training around their body's needs.

Performance BFR lets you create Training adaptions faster, Recover more effectively, and push past your limits safely & effectively.

Train & Recover any where, any time.

Faster recovery, even on the road.

Abbie Pulling - Alpine Racing Academy

Accelerated rehab & muscle growth

Charlie Willett - Exeter Chiefs

Performance gains before, during and after gameday

Natasha Miles - Middlesex Cricket

More than ever, coaches and athletes look to BFR to manage female specific performance needs.

Hytro BFR is the most versatile tool to manage monthly training loads, improve strength gains and reduce the risk of ligament injury.


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    November 30th, 2023

    From NFL to Bespoke Rehabilitation: Aaron Borgmann’s Expertise on Reducing Rehab Time

    Aaron Borgmann, leading Physical Therapist and Athletic Trainer in the US, joins Tom Atkinson of Hytro BFR to talk about working in the NFL, translating those practices to his own rehab business, and how BFR has played a game-changing part in his treatment of athletes and patients.

    October 25th, 2023

    Building Better American Football Athletes: How Nebraska Huskers are Using Squad-Wide BFR

    Mitch Cholewinski, Coordinator of Football Sports Science at the University of Nebraska Football, has recently introduced squad-wide BFR via the Hytro BFR wearables. We caught up with him to understand why recovery is so important in American football, and how periodising recovery can support players to hit the highest levels.

    October 18th, 2023Bradley Scanes with Max Verstappen holding F1 race trophy

    Unravelling the Science of BFR and Team Dynamics that gives Red Bull Racing an edge, with Bradley Scanes

    Whilst the driver might be the face of a Formula 1 team, we previously learned from Bradley Scanes – Max Verstappen’s Human Performance Coach - that it’s very much a team sport with high demands on all involved. Bradley recently joined us for an update on the season, how that team effort leads to success, and how Max’s weekly use of BFR is playing its part in this exhilarating championship.