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How BFR works to improve general health and fitness

The remarkable abilities of BFR to improve muscle physiology are well documented. BFR research consistently shows increases in muscle size and strength, and improvements in fitness and endurance capacity. There are also a number of other lesser known and important physiological adaptations that support health and fitness.

With regular BFR use the heart becomes more efficient, increasing its stroke volume (volume of blood pumped with each beat). This lowers the body’s resting heart rate, while reducing beats per minute at a higher exercise intensity (lower % of heart rate max), both of which are great indicators of overall health and fitness.

The density of muscle capillaries increases for both fast and slow twitch fibres in response to BFR training. The delivery of nutrients and oxygen to muscle tissues is up-regulated due to an increase in surface area contact between capillaries and muscle fibres, improving the muscle’s ability to contract.

Moreover, by improving the delivery of nutrients to body tissues there are even more great outcomes. Structural tissues such as bones, tendons, and ligaments, receiving a greater delivery of nutrient rich blood as a result of BFR training, increase in mineral density and strengthen. Similarly, muscle fibres subjected to the same nutrient rich blood will recover very efficiently, and performance gains will accelerate alongside markers of health and fitness.

BFR is truly more than just a performance aid. Its profound impacts on health alone are reason enough to cement its use in our everyday lives.