Hytro BFR Training Crop Top



Strength and Endurance BFR benefits, locked in to a top that’s cut to meet our female athletes’ desired fit with our Elevate Performance BFR Training Top.

Integrated BFR technology, pressure tested and adjustable to your individual fit.

82% Polymide / 14% Cotton / 4% Elastine – Our softest fit yet.

Breathable mess panels to allow air flow around the body.

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  • What is Blood Flow Restriction
    Blood Flow Restriction, or BFR, works by locking blood in the muscles with a strap while performing low-intensity exercise or recovery protocols, driving quicker and more effective performance adaptations.
  • Is Performance BFR safe?
    Like many forms of exercise, BFR is safe for most people, however, a medical professional should be consulted if there are any contraindications that may increase the risk of injury or safety.
  • What does BFR feel like?
    For most people, BFR is a new and novel method that can be experienced in a number of different ways, and due to this, it can take a couple of uses to become used to the feelings and know what to expect. You should expect to feel some slight numbness or tingling, muscle swelling and skin tightness, changes in skin colour, and increased vascularity, which are all very normal responses to BFR training.