Women’s Hytro BFR Recovery Shorts



BFR Training Elite Shorts integrated with innovative design in partnership with Professional Athletes to help accelerate recovery and improve performance


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  • Who is BFR training for?
    Simply, everyone. Whilst famously used by elite athletes and Olympians, anyone who is looking to achieve more from their training can and should use HYTRO BFR.
  • How quickly can I start to see results?
    Recovery BFR works immediately, flushing waste and inflammation from the body while driving recovery hormones and fresh blood in to the tissues
  • How is Hytro BFR better than other BFR solutions?
    HYTRO BFR is simple, safe and effective. We heard from athletes and the research supports that wired devices are often too expensive, require professional supervision, and traditional cuffs poorly designed, difficult to use and can lead to injury.