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Recover quicker. Recover better. Using Hytro accelerates recovery by removing waste products, reducing inflammation, improving bone density and up-regulating recovery hormones.



“As professional athletes, we are constantly looking for new ways to push our capabilities and give us that little bit extra to help with our training but also our recovery. Hytro has been instrumental for me in coming back from recent injuries, giving me an easy and scientifically backed safe way to recover faster and perform on the pitch.”

Tom De Glanville
Bath Rugby Player



What is Recovery BFR?

Recovery BFR training can be done anytime, anywhere. By simply strapping in with your Hytro BFR TechWear, you put into motion a whole series of physiological changes in your body. There’s not even any need for movement. You can literally just sit on the sofa and watch TV while your body gets to work. Staying strapped in for just a few minutes is enough time for the body to produce more recovery hormones, remove waste products, reduce inflammation and increase the uptake of nutrient-rich blood.



“I can feel a little battered and tired after a game so recovery is a really important process for me to make sure I’m ready for the training week ahead and to perform at my best. After using Hytro for the last couple of months, I’ve felt much fresher and ready to take on a heavy week of training. It’s always in my kitbag now, I won’t leave home without it because I just know my recovery will be on point.”

Josh Charnley
England Rugby League Player



How should you use BFR for Recovery?

For maximum impact, we recommend performing Recovery BFR immediately after exercise. If that’s not possible, then strapping in within 24-hours of exercise still ensures a good response. With the straps pulled to a tightness of 70-90% (100% being as tight as possible), you can sit back and enjoy the simple process:

Once you find your Velcro fixing point, apply firm pressure to the Hytro rubber tab and rub to fully connect with the fixing point.

Relax for 3-5 minutes to give your muscles time to fill with blood
Remove the straps and embrace the feeling.

Those who are experienced in Recovery BFR can then wait a few minutes and strap in again, treating themselves to a second round of Passive BFR to truly lock in recovery gains.



Every athlete is different. You may want to use Recovery BFR after a tough match, an intense race or a challenging training session. It may even be a rest day. No matter the time, if you feel that your body needs to accelerate its recovery, reach for your Hytro BFR TechWear and let it work its magic. But don’t just trust us. At Hytro, our TechWear is always backed by science.

Recovery BFR:
– Reduces muscle soreness by over 50%
– Reduces joint pain by 70%
– Allows you to recover up to 33% quicker