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The quickest and most effect way to Prepare, Train and Recover everyday.

Introducing the first ever wearable BFR device specifically designed for Performance.


Maximize your workouts and functional fitness performance with our easy-to-use, safe Blood Flow Restriction (BFR) system that turbocharges strength training results, enhances recovery speed, and primes your body for injury-free movement.

Premium sweat wicking fabric, with integrated BFR Technology;  simply pull the straps as tightly as you can around the top of your arm or leg and firmly apply the Velcro patch, locking blood in the muscles achieving quicker adaptations.

Harness the built-in competitive edge that elevates your WOD scores and takes your functional fitness prowess to the next level.

Take your CrossFit training to the next level with BFR

Recover quicker for your best WOD everyday

Get stronger, faster with Blood Flow Restriction

BFR is a fantastic method to flush out any toxins in the muscle and improve your blood flow immediately post-workout.

Even better it is low-effort. It brings a huge benefit with how easily it fits into your post-workout checklist.

Gus Vaz Totes - WIT Fitness Head of Training, FiiT App Master Trainer

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September 21st, 2023Oxford United x Hytro Logos - BFR Research Partnership

Oxford United Join Hytro on Research Project Combining BFR and Water-Based Recovery

Hytro continue their expansion into injury and performance research by working with Oxford United to undertake collaborative research on combining Blood Flow Restriction training with water-based recovery methods.

September 18th, 2023Bristol City Women's Football player wearing Hytro BFR Performance Shorts whilst training

Performance Enhancement for Female Footballers: A Pioneering Research Study into BFR for Recovery

Hytro continues its mission to establish the power of Blood Flow Restriction through collaborative research with Bristol City Women’s Football Club. In a move that consolidates its commitment to pushing the boundaries of BFR, the world’s first BFR wearable brand will conduct unprecedented research within women’s sport to ascertain if it is as effective as seen in previously carried out male-based studies.

September 4th, 2023

Join us on our mission to advance human health and performance through BFR

As we forge onwards with our objective to bring Blood Flow Restriction to the world through our game-changing BFR wearables, we begin a Seedrs crowdfunding campaign. An opportunity to join us, Hytro, as we drive forward our ambitions to improve health and performance in athletes and the wider public.