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Using BFR to build better athletes with Sam Warburton and the SW7 Academy

Sam Warburton, ex Wales Rugby Union and British & Irish Lions Captain, shares his experiences of using BFR in his own training, as well as with his clients at the SW7 Academy.

Sam Warburton of SW7 Academy wearing Hytro BFR wearables

Following our partnership announcement, we recently chatted with Sam and the SW7 coaches on why adding BFR to a training schedule is simple with Hytro, and why all coaches should be adopting it with their athletes.

“Pro athletes commonly overlook the importance of recovery and nutrition within their training, with many overtraining and allowing little time for adaptation. A lack of focus on this, and nutrition, can leave a lot of gains on the table. It is pivotal that elite athletes recognise the importance of recovery as part of their Strength & Conditioning training. Those athletes who have the diligence to recovery properly each day, are the ones who tend to achieve the most as that diligence transfers across all aspects of their preparation and performance.”

Both Hytro and SW7 work with athletes who are often time poor with a hectic travel schedule, media appointments, analysis and more, on top of all their training needs. “This is why using BFR in the gym to aid hypertrophy in a short space of time and for recovery, when you’re sat at home in the evening recovering, can be a very effective use of time – which will help performance and recovery.”


SW7 Academy coach Chris Tombs coaching Sam Warburton


Explaining the benefits of Blood Flow Restriction is an important aspect of any coaches role as it enables the client to really understand the science behind it and how Hytro BFR wearables work, therefore getting more buy in from them when introducing it into their programme. The response Sam has had at SW7 has been really positive. “Using BFR as a finisher during a weights session to help stimulate hypertrophy is great use of time. After tough lower body days, or match days for athletes, the use of BFR for an easy, no effort recovery tool is highly advised.”

Before introducing it to SW7 clients, Sam became a regular user of BFR himself, and thanks to the simplicity of Hytro’s design, the protocols were easily implemented into his own programme. He now uses his own experiences to explain how it will feel, so his clients know what to expect. “When using is it in the gym during resistance training you experience extreme levels of lactic acid, but once you unstrap, move and recover, you feel great and don’t experience extreme DOMS the next day. Great for athletes who train regularly.”


Sam Warburton wearing the Hytro BFR wearables whilst training with a kettlebell


When asked, Sam described Hytro BFR wearables to be “very easy to administer”. The patented design allows the user to self-apply, and the safety of the devices means they don’t just have to be used under a coach’s supervision within a gym or training setting. “When working remotely with a client, it is important to keep communication lines open to ensure accountability. The Hytro devices are easy to take on away trips, and to store”. Beyond innovation, Hytro has ensured the products are stylishly constructed too, so the athletes are happy to wear them outside the training environment too.

More and more coaches, across a spectrum of sports, are utilising Hytro BFR in their Strength and Conditioning programming. “It is a no brainer that coaches should include it. It’s so easy and convenient you’re really missing out if you’re not already using BFR protocols through Hytro.”


If you want to explore the benefits of BFR with Hytro and SW7, why not become a member of the SW7 Academy during the first week of the Six Nations Championship and get 20% off the monthly membership fee?

For teams looking to join the SW7 community, why not check out the new team packages that include:

Programming and coaching by Chris Tombs – Chris has 30 plus years of professional level coaching and was Sam’s Strength and Conditioning Coach throughout his career.
Data reporting – provided for all players with an optional monthly call with Chris with the coach or captain.
In-app group messaging – players can ask any questions regarding their workout plan or for general strength and conditioning questions.
In-app readiness questionnaire with live load moderation – gauging the players energy levels and tailoring the workouts accordingly to reduce the risk of overtraining.
Additional conditioning, yoga and mobility sessions.


Follow the link below to find out more about SW7 Academy training programs.
Or to enquire about Hytro BFR at your club, simply contact our Pro Sports team about a demo.

SW7 Academy

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