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Talking BFR fundamentals with the Strength Coach Network

Dr Warren Bradley, the founder of Hytro, talks Blood Flow Restriction Training with Justin Lima and Fernando Leon Levy of the Strength Coach Network on their latest podcast. Dr Warren discusses using BFR safely, how to integrate BFR Training into existing training schedules and how to use it to support recovery, plus much more.

The Strength Coach Network recently welcomed our founder, Dr Warren Bradley, to discuss all things Blood Flow Restriction and specifically the lowdown on Hytro BFR wearables.

In response to Justin, who asked how coaches can get started with Hytro BFR wearables, Dr Warren explains that using Blood Flow Restriction for recovery is a great place to start as it offers athletes the biggest rewards.

Dr Warren Bradley states: “For recovery, we recommend using either Passive BFR (without exercise), because it’s extremely simple to do and effective, or Active BFR, by adding BFR to low intensity cardiovascular work like a bike flush, or simply walking.”

He goes on to advise that Blood Flow Restriction Training can be safely integrated into existing training programmes as an add on, rather than as an additional activity that requires its own dedicated time, meaning you get twice the benefits with the added recovery effect that BFR gives.

Dr Warren also discusses how Blood Flow Restriction can be used to aid recovery in many situations, such as post-match coach travel, post-flights, and in between games or tournaments.

Dr Warren Bradley advised: “It is really down to what is logistically viable as there will be benefits to using it whenever and wherever you are. For example, when used after a long flight, the reperfusion or flushing effect it creates inside the body will remove inflammation and waste metabolite build up, while stimulating muscle protein synthesis for recovery.”

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