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Hytro Becomes Official BFR Performance Partner to Surrey Scorchers

Hytro is delighted to have become the Official BFR Performance Partner of Surrey Scorchers as part of a research collaboration that aims to pioneer Blood Flow Restriction (BFR) training in British basketball. This partnership sets out to explore the specific benefits of BFR in basketball performance, promising ground-breaking insights.

Hytro x Surrey Scorchers logos with basketball player in the background holding a ball

LONDON, 12 MARCH 2024 – Hytro proudly announces an exciting collaboration with a leading force in British basketball Surrey Scorchers, as the official BFR (Blood Flow Restriction) Performance Partner. This partnership brings together Surrey Scorchers’ dynamic approach to the game and Hytro’s innovative BFR solutions, marking a significant leap forward in sports training and recovery within the sport. 


This collaboration is poised to reshape the landscape of sports performance, setting new standards for excellence and innovation across basketball. After proving the benefits of BFR training across multiple sports, Hytro has recognised the need for specific research into basketball performance and will be working with Surrey Scorchers on a first-of-its-kind research paper to understand more about the use of BFR in the sport.  



Dr Warren Bradley, Founder and Head of Elite Performance at Hytro commented, “This collaboration is a fantastic opportunity for us to showcase the benefits of Hytro BFR in basketball – a crucial proof point for our business as we expand into major basketball-playing continents. The University of Surrey plays a pivotal role by providing ethical approval and students to run the study alongside Dan and James at Surrey Scorchers, allowing us to publish our findings. It’s been extremely insightful planning this study, and we eagerly anticipate our discoveries.”


Richard Frost, Chief Marketing Officer at Hytro, echoes the excitement, stating, “Our work with Surrey Scorchers Basketball is another step forward to how, with great partners, we aim to revolutionise sports training and recovery. Together, we will support competitive training and recovery behaviours that elevate the game through our innovative BFR solutions. Surrey is an exciting and forward-thinking team in the British basketball scene. I am delighted to continue to advance sports performance through our engaged community of progressive coaches and athletes.”


Jamie Wilkinson, Lead S&C Coach Surrey Scorchers said: “The culture in basketball is to train hard every day, and in the British Basketball League, the games come thick and fast. We often don’t have enough time to recover or put players through overly demanding sessions time and time again which is why this partnership with Hytro is a game changer. We’ve seen how autonomous training has become and with the flexibility in protocols, we’re able to recover on mass but also adapt specific training exercises for each athlete to maximise their output on the court.”



Hytro’s commitment to advancing BFR research within elite sports grows with this new collaboration, extending its position within the sport of basketball following the recent partnership with GB Basketball.  


Hytro continues to provide its state-of-the-art BFR technology to the world of pro sports with a mission to elevate athletic performance. Hytro currently works with over 60 professional sports teams across the UK and US, with a growing presence across a multitude of sports. Teams such as St Helens RLC, Gloucester Rugby, Oxford United, Nebraska Huskers, Leeds Rhinos, Bristol City Women’s FC and Alpine F1 have all utilised BFR for preparation, training, and recovery. 


Find out how pro sport is using BFR for preparation, training, and recovery, or book a demo for your team today below. 

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