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​​ST. Helens reap the recovery rewards of BFR by extending with Hytro

St Helens rugby league club has extended their partnership with BFR (Blood Flow Restriction) brand Hytro, as the official training partner, to support players with recovery and improved performance.

St Helens rugby league club and Hytro logos on back drop of St Helens players celebrating

LONDON, 5 MAY 2023 – Following a successful season of integrating BFR (Blood Flow Restriction) Training into player recovery and performance, St Helens rugby league team has extended their contract with Hytro, the leaders in BFR wearables. 


Having worked with the club through last season’s Super League and World Club Challenge championships, Hytro has been selected to continue improving player performance at the club as a key recovery and strength tool. By integrating the Hytro BFR Recovery Shorts into daily training and recovery regimes, players are educated on the benefits of BFR and have bought into the benefits both on and off the pitch. The deal will also enable Hytro advertising and usage rights at games and online, as well as access to players and training staff for marketing content.


Tom Atkinson, Head of Pro Sport at Hytro said: “It’s a privilege to extend our great relationship with Matt and the team at St Helen’s. After such a phenomenal year for the Saints, seeing them lift both the Super League and World Club Challenge titles, we couldn’t be prouder to have been involved in player performance and  be given the opportunity to continue to support this in our own unique way.”


St Helens, Head of Strength and Conditioning, Matt Daniels said: We are delighted to continue our relationship with the Hytro team. The Hytro products provide us with a simple and effective squad wide solution to Blood Flow Restriction for recovery and performance. We are proud to remain one of the ever expanding group of elite sporting organisations that benefit from the cutting edge technology and research provided by Hytro.”


St. Helens are just one of a growing roster of elite clubs and athletes using Hytro BFR in their training. Proven to accelerate recovery and improve muscle development and endurance through BFR, Hytro is currently being used by over half of Premier League football and Premiership Rugby clubs including Newcastle United, Everton, Crystal Palace, Bath Rugby and Leicester Tigers, while also supporting international teams across F1, NHL, MLS, NCAA, UFC, cycling and cricket.


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