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Join us on our mission to advance human health and performance through BFR

As we forge onwards with our objective to bring Blood Flow Restriction to the world through our game-changing BFR wearables, we begin a Seedrs crowdfunding campaign. An opportunity to join us, Hytro, as we drive forward our ambitions to improve health and performance in athletes and the wider public.

Our story so far

Hytro is the creator of the world’s first Blood Flow Restriction wearables. Founded in 2019 by Dr Warren Bradley, Raj Thiruchelvarajah, and Paul Harter with a vision to make the power of BFR more accessible. At the heart of Hytro, our mission is to create a wearable application with a promise to improve, heal, and revolutionise lives.


We started within the pro sports arena, where BFR devices have been used for many decades, going beyond the existing tools with our patented wearables to change how BFR is used. We designed it with safety built in, so you don’t need a medical degree to enjoy the benefits.


And guess what? Since its inception, it’s been adopted by professional sports teams and colleges across the globe. Teams from Premier League Football to Major League Soccer Teams to national teams of Belgium, the USA, and Portugal, to England Rugby, Samoa Rugby, and many more, have embraced our innovation.


Pioneering the latest BFR research is key to our strategy. First-of-its-kind, in-field research is underway with Bristol City Women’s Football Club to support injury prevention in women’s football, and with Gloucester Rugby Club to assess if BFR alone, or in conjunction with heat, improves pre-season training.



Dr Warren Bradley, Founder and Head of Elite Performance at Hytro, describes: I am extremely proud of what Hytro has achieved to date, from prototypes in my spare room to serving the world’s top athletes, it’s been a ride! Our goal is to ensure everyone, pro athletes or not, gets the best out of BFR. Our lab and field-based studies will ensure the science can be translated to any setting making it possible to achieve personal goals.”


Manifesting more

While our roots are deep within the UK’s pro sports industry, our aspirations go way beyond. We continue to support athletes to reach their potential in preparation, training and recovery to achieve ultimate performance. But we know the power of Hytro BFR isn’t just for athletes. We envisage a world where everyday people, those living with pain or recovering from injury, and those simply seeking better physical well-being can harness the potential of BFR. Imagine the astounding impact Hytro can make.


The US sports medicine market will be worth $12bn by 2030. With athletes investing more than ever in their recovery, and the public engaging with sports to live a healthier lifestyle, the US market offers an unbounded opportunity, and we aren’t just talking figures, we are talking about transforming lives.


The medical marketplace also presents a hugely beneficial opportunity with stats such as approximately 24% of all adults in the US living with painful strain in their bodies, or conditions like Arthritis illustrating the need for a solution. With the recovery and rehabilitation possibilities that BFR offers, the potential of BFR in healthcare is boundless and can make a substantial impact on the daily lives of millions globally.



Raj Thiruchelvarajah, CEO and Co-Founder of Hytro, shares:Whilst the product ideation was born out of the professional sports industry, due to Warren’s experience, we always knew the scope was limitless. We have seen the results and know these carefully curated expansion plans will enable us to make the global difference we aspire to create with Hytro.”


Our global presence

We have started making waves globally, with strides being made in the US sports market with teams such as the USA Men’s and Women’s Soccer Teams, NHL, MLS, and College American Football teams already using Hytro products.


From showcasing at industry-leading events such as PLAE LABS and NSCA in Las Vegas to meeting with EXOS, Vanderbilt University, Nashville Predators, Nashville SC, and Tennessee Titans, and Duncan French, Senior Vice President, at the UFC Performance Institute, Hytro is on the move.


Dynamic plans have been drawn out to positively impact millions of lives across the globe through the medical application of the Hytro BFR wearables. The journey into the medical market will be accelerated following the crowdfunding campaign, with the activation of market analysis of BFR in clinical populations, focus groups to gain buyer and user insight, and the registration of Hytro BFR as a certified medical device.


To execute these ambitious expansion plans, the Hytro team has welcomed the appointment of Stuart Thomson, Chief Product Officer, who is already achieving great success in product development and manufacturing. Tom Atkinson, Head of Pro and College Sports, who is leading the advancements in the UK, US, and global markets. Whilst the team has also begun connecting Hytro with the UK’s top rehabilitation organisations and centres, dramatically diversifying clinics’ options within the world of BFR rehab.


Your investment, your impact

The success of our previous Seedrs campaign was a testament to shared belief and collective ambition. A host of sports professionals joined together in their belief in a global BFR brand. Now as we gear up for the next phase, we invite you to be part of this incredible journey as Hytro forges an incredibly exciting future for sports performance and medical advancement.


Join the Hytro family on this extraordinary journey to redefine what’s possible. Register your interest in the Seedrs crowdfunding investment opportunity here. If you’re curious or need more details, get in touch directly with raj@hytro.com.


Approved by Seedrs Ltd on September 1st, 2023 – As with all investments, don’t invest unless you’re prepared to lose all money you invest

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