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Hytro take BFR into cricket as Training Partners of Middlesex Cricket

Hytro move into cricket as Exclusive Training Partner to Middlesex Cricket, supplying the club with BFR wearables to support performance enhancement across the first team.

Hytro x Middlesex Cricket Logo Partnership

LONDON, 21 October 2022 – Hytro, the first Blood Flow Restriction (BFR) wearable designed specifically to improve sports performance, has moved into cricket as they announce a close working relationship with Middlesex Cricket.

Widely known in training rooms and gyms across football and rugby, Hytro has been working with elite athletes with their BFR wearables, proven to significantly accelerate recovery and improve muscle development and endurance. Now, the science is expanding into cricket, as performance coaches look to capitalise on the benefits amongst their teams.

Ideal for a sport widely known for packed playing schedules, Hytro will be providing their BFR wearables to Middlesex Cricket first team as an Exclusive BFR training partner while offering BFR education to players and coaching staff.



Dan Howells, Hytro’s Elite Performance consultant and former England Rugby 7s and Houston Astros physical performance coach said: “Having worked in baseball in recent years as a strength and conditioning coach at the Houston Astros, I saw first hand the immense demands the sport was putting on athletes. The players have an incredibly packed fixture schedule and are putting their bodies under repeated stress, making recovery hugely important. Within baseball, BFR is used extensively to restore function and accelerate recovery and with so many similarities between the two sports in terms of body movements and demanding schedules, it’s an obvious opportunity to integrate BFR into cricket.

By doing so, bowlers in particular, could gain from evidence based recovery to get back to higher intensity training quicker. Traditionally BFR training has been expensive, time consuming and required practitioner supervision – having Hytro integrating BFR into their wearables is a game changer for cricket and other sports as it allows for rapid application of a previously costly performance tool that can now be used across the whole team as part of the daily routine.”


Andy Mitchell, Strength & Conditioning Coach, Middlesex Cricket said: “The benefits of BFR are well documented and with Hytro on board we are now able to extend these benefits to all our athletes in a safe and efficient way. From game day recovery to prehab and rehab. Through our new partnership with Hytro I look forward to using their products with our athletes to enhance physical performance.”



Dr Warren Bradley, Founder and Head of Elite Performance at Hytro commented: “I’ve always been intrigued by what goes into maintaining athletic performance across different sports, and now we get to work with the very top in cricket. I’m pleased that we can play our small part in their successes moving forward”.

Hytro has advanced to facilitate professional sport clubs by providing simple and practical solution for Active and Passive BFR, currently serving teams including St Helens RLC, Leeds Rhinos, Catalan Dragons, Bath Rugby, Newcastle Falcons, Newcastle Thunder, Aston Villa FC, Rangers FC, Blackburn Rovers FC, Everton FC, UFC Performance Institute and Alpine Academy.


Visit the Elite Sport page to learn more about Hytro BFR in professional sports.

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