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Hytro Joins with BWT Alpine F1® Team in Performance Innovation Partnership

Hytro is pleased to announce an exciting partnership with the BWT Alpine F1® Team, marking a ground-breaking collaboration between the renowned racing team and the innovative wearable technology company. The partnership aims to leverage Hytro's Blood Flow Restriction (BFR) wearables to enhance performance and revolutionise high-performance training.

Alpine x Hytro logos over Alpine F1 racing car

Hytro is elated to today announce a partnership with  BWT Alpine F1® Team. In a first-of-its-kind agreement, the world-famous racing team known for its values of innovation and peak human efficiency will work with Hytro on their joint core ambitions to find competitive advantage and to change the face of high performance through practical training. 


As part of the partnership, Hytro will be supplying their innovative BFR wearables to drivers and pit crews, including direct support to Esteban Ocon, Pierre Gasly, Sophia Floersch and Abbi Pulling.


The partnership will also include additional levels of scientific research to support the use of BFR for performance. There will be a joint effort to research and publish a number of BFR studies that push the boundaries of sports science and understanding of BFR’s effects on athletic conditioning and recovery. This will also include working with Alpine Academy drivers Sofia Floersch and Abbi Pulling to collect specific data relating to the performance of Hytro products on Women’s Elite Sport.


BWT Alpine F1 Team are no strangers to incorporating the fitness benefits of BFR training into their schedules, having used Hytro products as part of the Alpine Academy training routine for the past three seasons. It was this successful implementation into the driver and crew routines that has seen the wider teams recognise the impact Hytro wearables have on each user’s physical condition. 


Sophia Floersch, Alpine Academy Racing Driver commented: “I place huge importance on my physical preparation and recovery around my races. Having worked with Hytro on a regular basis at training camp and during race recovery, I have already felt the benefits to physical performance. I look forward to working more with the team.”  


Abbi Pulling, Alpine Academy Racing Driver added: Through our rigorous training to be in the best physical shape for a race, we have seen the effects that Hytro wearables can have. Being able to enhance this partnership will mean myself and the other drivers will continue getting access to the industry best BFR – if we can get everything from our training, we’ll get everything from the track.”


As the chosen BFR wearable of over 100 elite teams in the world’s top league across a range of sports, this announcement is Hytro’s latest official partnership in a rapidly growing impressive list of the globe’s greatest athletes. Looking to the future, the partnership also aims to co-develop cutting-edge, performance-driven BFR wearable technologies tailored specifically for high-intensity motorsport environments that aim to be brought to the wider market in the not-too-distant future.


Dr Warren Bradley, Founder and Head of Elite Performance at Hytro commented: “Our continued collaboration with Alpine Academy has paved the way for an exhilarating expansion in partnership with BWT Alpine F1 Team. Science is in the DNA of Hytro, so we’re thrilled to have this opportunity to do cutting-edge research with Alpine, creating a far-reaching impact with exciting studies that will notably include the ground-breaking Rac(H)er program.”


Raj Thiruchelvarajah, CEO and Co-Founder of Hytro, expressed his enthusiasm:Formula One is known for pushing the boundaries of technology and innovation, both on and off the track. The BWT Alpine F1 Team and Hytro partnership represents a focus on pushing the boundaries of human performance. Being a fan of F1 since I was a kid I’m excited to see how our products will translate to performance on the track.”


Stuart Thompson, Chief Product Officer at Hytro added: “We are extremely excited to be able to partner with the Alpine team and our collaboration is a perfect synergy between two brands that use cutting edge technology and scientific data to optimise performance. Our mission is to disrupt and lead the BFR market on a global scale by delivering a suite of gold standard game changing products that enhance human performance.”


Richard Frost, Chief Marketing Officer at Hytro, added:We couldn’t be more excited about our new partnership with the Alpine. This collaboration brings together our passion for human performance innovation and Alpine’s commitment to engineering excellence. Our BFR wearables, which have already been a part of Alpine’s Academy and pit crews training plans, will now help F1 drivers to train smarter and recover faster. We’re also looking forward to some ground-breaking research over the next few years, especially on how BFR can benefit women in elite sports, working with incredible athletes like Sophia Floersch and Abbi Pulling.  This partnership isn’t just great for us and Alpine, it’s a game changer for the whole sports industry, pushing athletic boundaries.”


This partnership marks a pivotal moment in the realm of sports technology and performance enhancement. By combining Hytro’s innovative BFR wearables with the expertise and commitment to excellence of the Alpine F1 Team, the collaboration, which incorporates scientific research, promises to revolutionise high-performance training in motorsport and beyond.


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