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Hytro Becomes Official BFR Partner to Middlesex County Cricket

Hytro is proud to become the Official BFR Partner of Middlesex Country Cricket, providing Hytro BFR wearables to the players for the forthcoming season. The partnership will include a two-part research study that aims to assess the efficacy of Blood Flow Restriction (BFR) during play and throughout the season.

Middlesex County Cricket x Hytro logo with cricketer in the background faded out

LONDON, 2 MAY 2024 – As we advance into the 2024 cricket season, Hytro will be supporting Middlesex County Cricket Club to make a significant move forward in their player preparation and performance by becoming their Official BFR Partner. Hytro’s Blood Flow Restriction (BFR) wearables will be used to specifically enhance the in-season physical performance of elite cricketers through Performance BFR which is scientifically proven to increase strength and speed up recovery.


Alongside media rights and content, the year-long partnership will also include a scientific study for observational BFR in elite cricket with two outcomes. The first is a test to determine the effectiveness of BFR training during match-play on batters vs bowlers and the other is to determine the feasibility and adherence of BFR use throughout the season.


As the chosen BFR wearable of over 100 elite teams in the world’s top league across a range of sports, this announcement is a continuation of Hytro’s development alongside the best athletes to bring effective BFR solutions that improve recovery and performance.


James Fleming, Head of Athletic Performance at Middlesex County Cricket said: “We’re looking forward to working with Hytro again and using their products from a performance and recovery point of view through 2024.  Recovery is so important within domestic cricket, with the congested schedule and lots of car/coach travel. We saw how the Hytro recovery protocols became a regular habit for our players during our first season working together.”


Dr Warren Bradley, Founder and Head of Elite Performance at Hytro commented, “The In-season is a notoriously difficult period for athletes to maintain physical qualities like strength and power due to focus placed on competition and recovery, less so on training. This is particularly true for cricketers, since most of the week they are in competition leaving little time for gym work. Middlesex Cricket Head of Athletic Performance, James, is thinking outside of the box and truly pushing the boundaries of training with this study, offering athletes a way to enhance their physical performance by performing BFR Training during competitive match play. These types of studies are really exciting for me because they are truly innovative and have a tangible impact in the real-world practice where it matters.”  


Richard Frost, Chief Marketing Officer at Hytro, added: “It’s with great pleasure that we continue to collaborate with James Fleming and the team at Middlesex Cricket. Here at Hytro we are working tirelessly to create innovative and simple to use products that can unlock the performance potential of athletes and teams thanks to the physiological impact of blood flow restriction. We have seen some incredible research results already with our partners in football and rugby, so it’s exciting to be able to continue our partnership with such a prolific club like Middlesex and help redefine competitive advantages across cricket.”


This collaboration adds a further research study to the ever-growing bank of blood flow restriction research as Hytro continues to push boundaries on the knowledge and understanding of its benefits and application within pro sport. Hytro currently supplies its state-of-the-art BFR technology to over 60 teams, athletes, and organisations in the world of pro sports such as such as St Helens RLCGloucester RugbyOxford UnitedNebraska Huskers, Leeds Rhinos, Bristol City Women’s FC, Alpine F1, Casey Toohill and Cam Norrie who all use Hytro BFR for preparation, training, and recovery to elevate performance.


Learn how pro sport is using BFR for preparation, training, and recovery, or book a demo below.

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