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Hytro Announced as Official Performance BFR Partner to Adelaide Crows as Part of Research into Improving Player Recovery

Hytro has officially partnered with the Adelaide Crows to collaborate on a research study using Blood Flow Restriction to maximise player recovery, with protocols to be adopted upon conclusion for future games within Aussie rules.

Adelaide Crows x Hytro logos on background image of two players

LONDON, 24 April 2024 – Hytro and the Adelaide Crows, a leading force in the AFL with a strong emphasis on player recovery, have announced a research-based partnership that will see Hytro become the Official Performance BFR Partner, working with Adelaide Crows players through a set period to determine the benefits of Recovery BFR for reducing muscle soreness, joint pain, and fatigue. The specialised research will take place with trial groups of players with the research results being implemented with players following competitive matches in the AFL.  


As the chosen BFR wearable of over 100 elite teams in the world’s top league across a range of sports, this announcement is Hytro’s first official partnership in Aussie rules football. The hope is that the leading BFR supplier can replicate the success achieved in other sports into the high physical demands of the AFL and specifically the Adelaide Crows.  


Jarryd Wallace, Adelaide Sports Science & Conditioning Coordinator commentedWe are really excited to be collaborating with Hytro to find a cutting edge in our performance. Whilst BFR has been a staple in our rehab program, the benefits that it can have for our recovery and on-field performance is something we believe can take us to the next level. Not only is it backed by science and research, it is also great for the fast nature of our industry. 


Adelaide Crows player running with ball


Dr Warren Bradley, Founder and Head of Elite Performance at Hytro commented, “The benefits of Recovery BFR are clear for sports like Soccer and Rugby, but to date this has been untested in Australian Football. That’s why I was incredibly excited when Head of Performance Darren Burgess and Sports Science expert Jarryd Wallace, both highly respected in their field, expressed their interest in delivering a Recovery BFR study with Adelaide Crows. AFL match-play exerts quite specific demands on athletes, not only with the high intensity and exertions of play but with hot climate exposure increasing stress on the body. Access to quick and simple recovery methods, therefore, becomes important for optimising athlete restoration, and Hytro may provide a practical solution.”  


Richard Frost, Chief Marketing Officer at Hytro, added: We are excited to work with the Adelaide Crows to not just support their recovery and performance goals, but also have such an impressive partner to help us learn and improve Hytro’s innovative BFR wearables, in a sport that’s unique in its physical impact.  Aussie rules football creates some unbelievable athletes due to the demand on their bodies – we couldn’t ask for a better stage to research how blood flow restriction can improve performance, but also as a chance to serve such an exciting and progressive coaching staff with Jarryd Wallace and team.” 


Hytro’s research partnerships contribute to its mission of revolutionising the use of BFR within pro sport and beyond, and its commitment to progressing the understanding of its benefits through an ever-growing research program across a multitude of sports. Recent studies have been conducted in collaboration with Bristol Bears, Bristol City Women’s FC, Oxford United and more, with new studies underway with teams such as Rugby LA and Surrey Scorchers. 


Learn about how pro sport is using BFR for preparation, training, and recovery, or book a demo for your team. 

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