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Gloucester Rugby Join Hytro as Official BFR Research Partner

Hytro has officially partnered with Gloucester Rugby to undertake collaborative research endeavours on the safety and application of Blood Flow Restriction training to enhance athletic performance.

Gloucester Rugby and Hytro logos - Official BFR Research Partner

LONDON, 27 JULY 2023 – Hytro the first Blood Flow Restriction (BFR) wearable designed specifically to improve sports performance is delighted to announce a partnership with Gloucester Rugby, ahead of the 2023-24 pre-season.


Now working with over 60 professional sports teams across the UK and US, Hytro is undertaking a research and development project with Gloucester Rugby. Together, they aim to establish a solid foundation of evidence-based knowledge surrounding BFR wearables, shedding light on their efficacy, safety, and potential impact on athletic performance.


Specifically, the study will focus on lower limb strength sessions and whether BFR alone or in conjunction with heat can improve the quality of work through the pre-season and then help to design a ‘best-practice’ protocol for the in-season period.


With Gloucester Rugby’s endorsement and involvement, this partnership signifies a significant milestone in advancing the scientific understanding of BFR wearables and their potential impact on athletic performance. By combining their respective expertise and resources, Hytro and Gloucester Rugby aim to spearhead advancements in sports science, paving the way for safer and more effective training methodologies for athletes across various disciplines.


Dr Warren Bradley, Founder and Head of Elite Performance at Hytro commented: “Hytro is thrilled to announce our official partnership with Gloucester Rugby, this research partnership is particularly exciting given the high level of scientific rigour Dr Hudson brings to the table and the historical importance of a club like Gloucester Rugby. This partnership signifies our commitment to advancing the understanding of Blood Flow Restriction and its impact on athletic performance.”


Dr James Hudson, Gloucester Rugby’s Performance Nutritionist added: “Gloucester Rugby is excited to partner with Hytro to enhance the athletic performance of our athletes. Together, we will research and develop the optimal use of Hytro garments before lower limb strength sessions. This research will explore the benefits of Blood Flow Restriction (BFR) alone or in combination with heat to improve pre-season training quality and establish a “best-practice” protocol for the in-season period.”


This partnership reaffirms Hytro’s vision to provide revolutionary BFR wearables to elite sports clubs whilst also leading in the research and education around Blood Flow Restriction with the aim of increasing accessibility and boosting its adoption throughout sport and beyond.


Hytro is currently being used by teams including St Helens RLC, Leeds Rhinos, Catalan Dragons, Bath Rugby, Newcastle Falcons, Newcastle Thunder, Aston Villa FC, Rangers FC, Blackburn Rovers FC, Everton FC, UFC Performance Institute and Alpine Academy.


Learn more about how BFR is being used in both Rugby Union and Rugby League or read the now available white paper detailing the results of a study conducted in collaboration with Bristol Bears to assess the benefits of Recovery BFR.

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