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Dr Warren talks BFR for elite sport with the Science for Sport Podcast

Dr Warren Bradley, the founder of Hytro, joined Max Solomon of the Science for Sport Podcast to discuss the use of Blood Flow Restriction in elite sport. Dr Warren talks all about BFR, the science behind it and more.

Chris Billam-Smith wearing Hytro BFR Tee whilst training

The Science for Sport Podcast recently hosted Dr Warren Bradley, to learn more about how Blood Flow Restriction can be used for more than just rehabilitation and explains how identifying a gap in the market led to the creation of the Hytro BFR wearables.

Max was keen to understand the science behind Blood Flow Restriction, Dr Warren Bradley shared: “It works by applying a circumferential pressure around the most proximal point of the limb, the very highest point closest to the body. It allows oxygenated blood to flow in, which is then used for glycolysis, whilst partially restricting the blood flow out, causing hypoxia. This is something we try to achieve in exercise modalities to create adaptations, but BFR artificially simulates that without the body having to exercise”.


Historically, BFR was being used specifically for rehabilitation post injury and post surgery. So impressed with the results was Dr Bradley that he began to deep dive into the research.  This led to him asking a very important question ‘why was it not being used for performance enhancement and recovery in healthy athletes too?’.


Dr Warren Bradley explains: “The tools that were available were really complex and difficult to use. You had to supervise someone using them due to it having to be proximal on the limb. So we had the technique but we didn’t have the tools so people could use it quickly, safely and simply, without supervision. That’s why I conceived the idea of integrating BFR into sportswear”.

Listen to the full Science for Sport episode below:


Science For Sport – Ep. 120, Is Blood Flow Restriction the most underused weapon in elite performance? July 18th, 2022 



Or find it here.


To learn more about how elite athletes and coaches are using Blood Flow Restriction as part of their performance training, we suggest you read our recent article on this very topic, or continue to explore the Hytro journal to discover more.


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