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Bristol City join Hytro as Official BFR Research Supplier to support injury prevention in women’s football

Hytro has officially partnered with Bristol City Women’s FC to undertake research on the safety and application of Blood Flow Restriction training to enhance athletic performance.

Bristol City x Hytro Official Research Supplier Logos

LONDON, 15 AUGUST 2023 – With a growing requirement for research into women’s football injury, highlighted by a number of high-profile ACL and other injuries to leading players, the Women’s Super League club has teamed up with Hytro, the first Blood Flow Restriction (BFR) Performance Shorts designed specifically to improve sports performance.


Having recognised that the majority of research done across sports performance is focussed on male athletes, Hytro will be working closely with Bristol City Women’s FC to establish a solid foundation of evidence-based knowledge surrounding BFR wearables, shedding light on their efficacy, safety, and potential impact on athletic performance.


Specifically, the study will focus initially across a five-week pilot study to validate the effects of Passive Recovery BFR vs a control group post-matchday.  Following this pilot the partnership will begin a longitudinal study across the season, as a continuation of the pilot with the addition of a game day + 2 recovery bike flush to further validate active Recovery BFR in high-performance teams.


Hytro BFR Performance Women's Shorts being worn by a female athlete performing bike flush


By combining their respective expertise and resources, Hytro and Bristol City Women’s FC aim to spearhead advancements in women’s football performance to pave the way for safer and more effective training methodologies.


Dr Warren Bradley, Founder and Head of Elite Performance at Hytro, added: “With less than 6% of Sports Science research performed using female athletes, many decisions around optimising performance, recovery, and injuries have been based on research in males, which may be largely inapplicable. It is one of the reasons I surmise we have seen a significant increase in women’s ACL injuries in recent years, and we must address this research imbalance to make better, safer, and more informed decisions for female athletes.

I’m proud to work alongside Jack and Erika on our research with the Bristol City Women’s team and believe it to be an extremely exciting and important opportunity for the whole industry.” 


Hytro BFR Performance Women's Shorts being worn by a female athlete tightening the strap


Bristol City Women’s Strength and Conditioning Coach Jack Instrall said: “We’re really excited to be partnering with Hytro to enhance our recovery processes ahead of the new season.

This recovery project aligns with our mission to prepare the players for the demands of the Barclays Women’s Super League and maximise the intensity and quality of our training.”



Tom Atkinson, Head of Pro Sport, Hytro said: “We are thrilled to embark on a partnership with Bristol City Women’s for the 23/24 season as they compete again in the WSL. The opportunity to support women’s professional athletes in optimising their performance, recovery, and overall health is something that deeply resonates with us.

This collaboration signifies the start of an innovative and industry-leading research partnership, and we are eager to explore new avenues of knowledge and breakthroughs that will not only benefit the team but also contribute to advancing women’s sports on a broader scale.”


Hytro BFR Performance Women's Shorts being worn by a female athlete tightening the strap


This latest partnership follows the recently announced research partnership with Gloucester Rugby to focus on lower limb strength sessions within rugby and is part of Hytro’s continued focus on driving forward research within the field of elite sport performance across both genders.


Hytro is currently being used by teams including  St Helens RLC, Leeds Rhinos, Catalan Dragons, Bath Rugby, Newcastle Falcons, Newcastle Thunder, Aston Villa FC, Rangers FC, Blackburn Rovers FC, Everton FC, UFC Performance Institute and Alpine Academy.


Find out more about how Hytro BFR is being used within professional football and women’s sport specifically, then get in touch to book a demo for your club below.

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