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“As someone who has worked in elite sport for over 20 years, I have implemented blood flow restriction training (BFR) with many of my athletes to great effect. Hytro BFR TechWear is an absolute game changer. The smart design and quality of garments means that everyone can now get the research backed benefits of BFR, reliably and cost effectively.”

Neil Parsley
Co-Founder and Director, The Underground Training Station



What is BFR?

BFR involves applying a strap to the arms or legs, allowing oxygenated blood to flow into the limbs while restricting the return flow. This causes metabolic stress and swelling in the muscles, resulting in significant and rapid increases in muscle size and strength due to an up-regulation of muscle building hormones.

It’s safe, backed by science and used widely in elite sport.



“I use Hytro to give me added stimulus to help achieve my strength and hypertrophy goals. The garment is incredibly comfortable and easy to use making BFR training a seamless integration into my training sessions.”

Ollie Marchon
Hytro Athlete and Strength Coach



How do I use BFR?

Strap In! Apply the strap for 5 minutes at the end of your workout to use BFR as a finisher – taking your results to the next level.

Reach your goals using 20-30% of your 1 rep max or even bodyweight.

BFR can also be used as an effective session on its own. Strap in for 15-20 minutes for a time-efficient workout.

Watch the video to see Coach Franco strap in for a Hytro Bicep Workout.