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Prepare and Recover Better

Heightened exercise preparedness, effective pain modulation and expedited Recovery.

Prepare and Recover more effectively, to improve joint & muscle health any time, anywhere.

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Reasons to use Hytro BFR

Reduce injury risk with more effective warm ups

Reduce tendon pain and muscle soreness

Increased production of Recovery hormones

Faster removal of lactic acid & waste materials

Improve muscular endurance & fitness

Enhance ice bath & sauna exposure

Training with Hytro BFR

Adding Hytro BFR in to your pre and post workout routine could not be easier.  Simply strap in to to your Hytro BFR Shorts or Tee and follow the protocols as directed.

  • Perform your normal low intensity mobility and stretching work
  • Introduce to your pre-workout warm up walking or bike work
  • Recover passively with 3 x 5min rounds occluded resting 2mins in between.
  • Actively recover with an occluded low intensity 20min bike flush

BFR is a versatile methodology that, when strategically incorporated into preparation, training, and recovery phases, can elevate performance, stimulate training adaptations, and speed up the recovery process.

To learn more check out the User Guide 


How does it work?

Depending on whether you apply BFR before, during or after exercise you can dramatically improve how you Prepare, Train and Recover.   

When strapped in the oxygen levels in the muscle reduce as they fill with blood, increasing the difficulty of any exercise or recovery protocol performed. This drives quicker and stronger adaptations, such as strength, endurance, and recovery. 

Watch this video to learn more about Hytro BFR

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