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Bigger, Stronger, Faster

Make every rep work as hard as you do, with Blood Flow Restriction

Increase muscle size, strength, and power much faster than conventional training alone.

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Reasons to use Hytro BFR

Reach failure & fatigue, and therefore adapt, much faster

Easily integrated into any resistance exercise

Increased muscle fibre activation in each rep

Drive fresh blood into tissues to accelerate pre-exercise

How to Train with BFR

Adding Hytro BFR in to your resistance training couldn’t be easier.  Strap in to to your Hytro BFR Shorts or Tee choose any resistance exercise.

  • Workout using 30% of your 1RM, or even body weight.
  • Perform 30/15/15/15 reps (4 sets total) with 30secs rest between sets.
  • Remember to stay locked in the whole time.

Because of the added stress of occlusion, you reach failure and fatigue, much faster than you went under the same conditions without BFR helping you to supercharge workouts from anywhere.

To learn more check out the User Guide 


How does it work?

Depending on whether you apply BFR before, during or after exercise you can dramatically improve how you Prepare, Train and Recover.   

When strapped in the oxygen levels in the muscle reduce as they fill with blood, increasing the difficulty of any exercise or recovery protocol performed. This drives quicker and stronger adaptations, such as strength, endurance, and recovery. 

Watch this video to learn more about Hytro BFR

Read our Journal

June 10th, 2024Western Force x Hytro logos on background image of Western Force players playing

Hytro Partners with Western Force and University of Western Australia to Expand Recovery BFR Research

Hytro becomes Official Performance BFR Partner to Western Force and the University of Western Australia as part of a research collaboration that aims to pioneer Recovery BFR (Blood Flow Restriction) during travel. This partnership continues Hytro’s commitment to lead the growth of knowledge of the benefits of BFR within elite sport and beyond.

June 4th, 2024Athlete performing bike flush wearing Hytro BFR Performance Shorts

Amplifying Warm-Ups with Preparation BFR at Martin Nugent Elite Performance

Preparation BFR is becoming increasingly embedded into pro athletes’ routines as the use and understanding of Performance BFR as an innovative training tool widens. Martin Nugent and his team at Martin Nugent Elite Performance have optimised warm-up routines by adding in Blood Flow Restriction to enhance pre-training sessions.

May 29th, 2024Bristol City Women's Footballer recovering wearing Hytro BFR Performance Shorts

Ellie Maybury writes for Sportsmith on Enhancing Performance with BFR Wearables

In a recent article on Sportsmith, Ellie Maybury of Soccer Herformance, previously Head of Performance of the U.S. Women’s National Soccer Team, discusses how recovery can be enhanced through the use of wearable Blood Flow Restriction (BFR) garments, specifically Hytro BFR wearables. The article covers the importance of recovery within pro sport, the challenges faced by coaches and athletes, how BFR can offer a solution, and how best to integrate and utilise BFR wearables to optimize recovery programming.