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Getting started with Hytro BFR

Improve Exercise and Recovery with wearable Blood Flow Restriction

Better Prepare for peak performance, dramatically increase the effect of your Training, and start your Recovery anywhere, anytime.

Lock in with Hytro

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Warm up joints & muscles more effectively and reduce injury risk by locking blood in the limbs whilst preparing to exercise.
Achieve greater adaptation in training & physical rehab, quicker, with more muscle fibre recruitment, even with light weights.
Lock in safely, any where, to rapidly flush waste from the limbs and drive recovery hormones around the entire body.

Your key Blood Flow Restriction questions answered

  • What is Performance Blood Flow Restriction (BFR)?

    Once only used as a rehabilitation tool, BFR has increased as understanding of its performance-related benefits has grown and is now widely used across a spectrum of sports performance and recovery.

    This enhanced understanding has given rise to the overarching concept of “Performance BFR.” This term encapsulates key advantages, such as heightened exercise preparedness, improved training adaptations, effective pain modulation, and expedited recovery.

  • How does BFR training work?

    Depending on whether you apply BFR before, during or after exercise you can dramatically improve how you Prepare, Train and Recover.    

    • Preparation BFR during your normal pre-exercise warm ups and stretches, will accelerate warming and improve elasticity of joints & muscles; driving blood into structural tissues more effectively, to better prepare tendons and ligaments for high intensity exercise. 
    • BFR Training involves performing low intensity or low load exercise with blood flow restriction (BFR) applied which increases muscle fibre activation, and drives adaptations similar to those seen when performing high intensity or heavy loaded exercise, all while using light loads. 
    • Recovery BFR during either a prescribed active or passive recovery activity causes significant swelling in the muscles which drives the production of recovery hormone. When the BFR stimulus is removed, the pressure build up is released which causes a powerful flush of blood, removing inflammation and waste materials from the muscles and joints. 
  • Why would I do it?

    The benefits of using BFR are vast, and ever day through our Athletes and Research we are finding new ways optimise human performance.  Just some of the key advantages are listed below…


    Time Saving: 

    • Because of the added stress of occlusion, you reach failure and fatigue, much faster than you went under the same conditions without BFR. 


    Managing Training load/volume: 

    • Training with BFR, lets you build muscle with less weight, saving your joints and letting you workout effectively even when fatigued. 


    Training/Recovery on the move: 

    • Away from home, there’s often limited access to weights and recovery tools, Hytro BFR allows you to maximise the effects of recovery and resistance stimulus anywhere and at any time thanks to their portable and light weight wearable BFR solutions.


     Before Exercise (Preparation)  

    • Improved elasticity of joints & warming of muscle tissues compared to stretching alone, thereby reducing injury risk  
    • BFR has a pain relieving effect, particularly for tendon issues and muscle soreness.  
    • Up to 38% reduction in joint pain


    During Exercise (BFR Training) 

    • Increases muscle size, strength, and power much faster than conventional training alone and with less equipment 
    • In-season performance gains without impacting recovery (i.e. day before competition) 


    After Exercise (Recovery BFR)  

    • Start recovery immediately post exercise, any time, anywhere 
    • Increased production of recovery hormones and faster removal of lactic acid and waste materials 
    • Enhances the benefits of Ice baths, saunas, and contrast bathing 
  • Is BFR dangerous?

    Hytro is the only BFR device that has been validated as safe to use without supervision (Neal et al 2023), making it the most versatile, scalable, and transportable BFR solution on the market

    Users must read the warnings and know the correct techniques before starting BFR training. More information can be found in our BFR safety section.

  • Ready to strap in?

    Now you should have a good understanding of what BFR is and how it can help you achieve your fitness goals.

    If you are ready to strap in, check out our range of  Wearable BFR 

    Not quite ready? No problem, find out more about BFR training in these articles;

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    – Work out at home with BFR

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    – The proof is in the science

Visit FAQ's page

Be safe in your workout

Be sure to read the Safety checklist below for full medical considerations.

Follow the protocols listed here to meet the needs of your workout goal.

Working out occluded is an odd feeling at first, and your skin will naturally mottle and change colour slightly – it’s perfectly normal.

If during exercise you feel pain, significant tingling or numbness it means the bands are too tight – release the strap and start again at a lower setting.

If you feel no pressure build up at all, the device is too loose – Increase tightness and start again

Do not occlude both your arms and legs at the same time.

BFR training should not be performed for more than 20mins a day.

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June 4th, 2024Athlete performing bike flush wearing Hytro BFR Performance Shorts

Amplifying Warm-Ups with Preparation BFR at Martin Nugent Elite Performance

Preparation BFR is becoming increasingly embedded into pro athletes’ routines as the use and understanding of Performance BFR as an innovative training tool widens. Martin Nugent and his team at Martin Nugent Elite Performance have optimised warm-up routines by adding in Blood Flow Restriction to enhance pre-training sessions.

May 29th, 2024Bristol City Women's Footballer recovering wearing Hytro BFR Performance Shorts

Ellie Maybury writes for Sportsmith on Enhancing Performance with BFR Wearables

In a recent article on Sportsmith, Ellie Maybury of Soccer Herformance, previously Head of Performance of the U.S. Women’s National Team, discusses how recovery can be enhanced through the use of wearable Blood Flow Restriction (BFR) garments, specifically Hytro BFR wearables. The article covers the importance of recovery within pro sport, the challenges faced by coaches and athletes, how BFR can offer a solution, and how best to integrate and utilise BFR wearables to optimize recovery programming.

May 29th, 2024Hytro Performance Podcast text with Cam Norrie celebrating win

Conditioning the mind and body for clay with Cam Norrie and Vasek Jursík

In the latest episode of the Hytro Performance Podcast, we delve into the dynamic world of British number one tennis player Cam Norrie and his performance coach, Vasek Jursík. From their unique meeting to their integration of cutting-edge training methods like Blood Flow Restriction, we uncover the secrets behind their success as they gear up for the clay court season ahead.