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Here you will find our general FAQs – for more specific FAQs please
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  • What is Hytro?
    Hytro has created simple and versatile performance products that leverage the research-backed benefits of Blood Flow Restriction (BFR). Hytro is a scalable, easy-to-use wearable that can be worn by individuals or groups of athletes at the same time, in almost any environment. Wearable BFR offers a multipurpose performance solution for coaches and athletes, particularly for travel recovery, exercise preparation, pain management, and rehabilitation, with over 60 professional teams across the globe now using the products.


    By integrating BFR technology within a wearable, Hytro has removed the complexities associated with existing BFR devices, while delivering all the same plus many more benefits. By building in safety guard rails such as pressure limits and precise positioning of the BFR mechanism, Hytro is the only BFR device that has been validated as safe to use without supervision (Neal et al 2023), making it the most versatile, scalable, and transportable BFR solution on the market.
  • What is BFR?
    Blood Flow Restriction (BFR) involves applying a tightened strap to the arms or legs, trapping blood in the muscles. The oxygen levels in the muscle reduce as they fill with blood, increasing the difficulty of any exercise or recovery protocol performed. This drives quicker and stronger adaptations, such as strength, endurance, and recovery.


    Some of the world’s top athletes, coaches, and medical practitioners have benefited from BFR for decades, and now through Hytro, BFR has been made accessible and available to a rapidly broadening audience.
  • Is Hytro safe and evidence backed?
    BFR is a well-established training and recovery methodology that’s been used in clinical and professional sports settings for many decades. While there are hundreds of pieces of literature supporting the safety of BFR, most devices require supervision for safe use.


    That’s exactly why we created Hytro, to provide evevidence-backedFR devices that are safe and easy to use unsupervised. By simplifying the science of more complex devices we developed a wearable with a built-in BFR mechanism at the correct location for safe use, removing the need for supervision. The added built-in pressure limitation is a very important fail-safe that ensures arterial occlusion cannot occur.


    What’s more, Queen Mary’s University of London and Essex University have both completed safety and feasibility studies on Hytro BFR wearables, validating the safety and efficacy for unsupervised use, with over 40 participants across both studies.
  • How do you perform BFR safely?
    The current scientific literature demonstrates BFR training as both safe and effective, with no evidence of greater risk compared to other exercise protocols. As with introducing any new stimulus to an athlete or client, performing an analysis of suitability is really important. Based on research by Kacin et al, Hytro provides a screening questionnaire for use with clients and athletes which can be found in the notes below this video.


    There are absolute and relative risk criteria that help you conclude that BFR is safe for the individual. For anyone reporting just a single absolute contraindication, it is imperative that they DO NOT use BFR as potential risks are significantly increased. For anyone reporting one or a number of relative contraindications, you must seek medical advice from a qualified physician or doctor in your working environment.


    Whilst the risks are minimal, screening is an important process you must be aware of, and as a minimum, you must ensure you align to your organisational policies on training and rehab practices.
  • How do I use my Hytro product?
    Correct setup and placement: When setting up BFR, you must ensure the mechanism is in a safe and correct location. We know from the literature that BFR should be applied at the most proximal third of the limbs. For the Hytro BFR Recovery Shorts, pull the BFR mechanism up to the groin, and for the Hytro BFR Training Tee, pull the mechanism up to the armpit. Safely setting up BFR usually requires supervision, but correct placement happens naturally when you pull on your Hytro garment due to its construction.


    Strapping in: Now that the mechanism is in the correct place, it’s time to strap in. While standing, use two hands to stretch the strap out fully and then place it on the specific strap fixing point depending on your chosen protocol. Repeat this on the other limb, and you can commence working in a way that is specific to your goal straight away. It is advised that you start at a lower pressure setting and work up over time, to allow your body time to become accustomed to the feelings of BFR.


    Unstrapping: After you have completed your set protocol, it’s time to unstrap. It is this component of BFR that can be particularly beneficial as we re-perfuse the muscles with oxygenated blood. To do this, carefully unstrap using two hands and safely control the recoil of the strap to its original position. As the strap is embedded within the garments you may wish to feed the strap back to its original position as you rest.


    Between sets: Feel free to move about between sets of BFR, and you can even work through other exercises whilst wearing the shorts unstrapped, as we know there is no occlusion occurring if the strap is not attached to a strap fixing point. For example, some people like to mobilise and stretch between BFR sets.
  • How do I work out the pressure with Hytro?
    All the Hytro BFR pressure settings have been scientifically validated as safe and effective to use with our BFR protocols, allowing you the freedom to choose the setting that suits you best.


    To achieve this, we introduced a safety guard rail that deliberately limited the maximum pressure that could be applied, ensuring arterial occlusion could not be achieved.


    For those looking for more specificity when using BFR, perhaps for use in rehab, a study by Essex University provided objective pressure data for each of the Hytro strap settings so that the user can be comfortable in their objectivity when prescribing BFR. As you’ll see from the table, there is a range of occlusive pressures that can be selected, with relatively small standard deviations.
  • What does BFR feel like?
    For most people, BFR is a new and novel method that can be experienced in a number of different ways. It can take a couple of uses to become accustomed to the feeling of BFR. Skin discolouration, muscle swelling, and increased vascularity are all very normal responses to BFR training. If you experience severe numbness or tingling, remove the BFR and reduce the pressure.


    The body responds this way because blood is locked in the muscles causing them to swell, while gradually reducing oxygen content. The longer under this condition, the more pronounced the experience, and the more exercise you perform with BFR applied, the more lactic acid will build up and pool in the muscle – it feels just like those last reps of a weightlifting set, or the end of a maximum sprint effort.


    When the straps are released and the blood is flushed, this feeling will reduce immediately.
    A hot/ cold sensation can be felt when releasing the BFR mechanism, as the blood is flushed out of the limbs and fresh blood is driven in.
  • Which sports teams do Hytro work with?

    Hytro is proud to work with professional sports teams and colleges across the globe, with three quarters of the Premier League’s Football Clubs, many Major League Soccer Teams, and several National Soccer Teams such as Belgium, the USA, and Portugal. Hytro also works with clubs across a wide spectrum of sports such as Rugby Union, Rugby League, Cricket, Formula 1, Basketball, and Boxing, and with a number of National Teams such as England Rugby and England Cricket.

  • Is it safe/ beneficial for adolescents?

    Blood flow restriction (BFR) is proven safe and effective for adolescents. BFR is particularly beneficial for younger individuals when used pre- and post-surgery (or injury) to help accelerate rehabilitation without loading the injury.

    For otherwise healthy adolescents, we advise prioritising a solid foundation of sleep, nutrition, and training, before exploring BFR.

  • How does BFR help with pain?

    BFR has an analgesic effect, or the ability to reduce pain, meaning users will benefit from improved exercise capacity and a reduction in perceived exertion. This offers a large opportunity for supporting athletes or individuals who suffer from pain, such as tendinopathies in the knee or ankle.

    While isometric exercise is traditionally used to relieve tendon pain, it is cumbersome, requires equipment, and only lasts a few hours. BFR offers a quick and simple solution with longer-reaching effects. Hytro BFR is receiving substantial anecdotal feedback from athletes reporting reductions in tendon or muscle soreness from activational work with BFR, with effects seen both immediately after use and up to 48 hours later.

  • What is Performance BFR?
    Blood Flow Restriction (BFR) is a methodology used by athletes and coaches to enhance athletic development and unlock competitive advantage.


    Historically a rehabilitation tool, the use of BFR has dramatically increased in recent years as the performance benefits were better understood, including; enhanced exercise preparation, improved training adaptations, pain modulation, and accelerated recovery. Collectively known as Performance BFR.
  • Why does my skin change colour?

    Fair skinned individuals should expect some discolouration of the limbs as the blood pools. Tones of purple, red, and a mottled appearance are common, but not harmful. This happens because deoxygenated blood appears blue/purple which can be seen as the limb swells with blood.

  • How can BFR optimise recovery at home?
    Recovery is a very personal experience, and everyone will have their individual preferences. Be it an ice bath, cryotherapy, contrast bathing, or recovery boots, depending on the available resources, athletes choose what is best for them. One very important consideration, however, is the energy and time that is inevitably required to perform said recovery method.


    For many, low effort/ high reward is key, with most recovery methods on the market requiring significant effort to unlock their reward. BFR however, is not. By using a wearable device like Hytro, recovery is as easy as pulling on a pair of shorts, pulling the strap, and sitting on your sofa for 15 minutes, with the freedom to move around should you wish. If you don’t wish to sit down, the versatility and comfort of wearable BFR allow you to continue performing your daily activities while still experiencing the recovery benefits, like going for a walk or having a coffee with friends.
  • How can BFR be integrated into an existing exercise program?
    Due to the vast physiological benefits of BFR and the versatility of Hytro, BFR can be utilised in many ways depending on the specific needs and goals. The most effective way to use BFR is to implement it within an existing training program as a targeted add-on to something already being done.


    For example, when performing pre-activation or mobility drills prior to training, BFR can accelerate the warm-up process. When using an Ice bath to recover, BFR will drive a more powerful flush. When travelling on a bus after an away game, BFR will accelerate recovery. And when looking for ways to optimise performance adaptations, add a 5-minute BFR finisher to the end of the training session to accelerate the process.


    The versatility of wearable BFR enables practitioners and athletes to use BFR to improve performance, whenever and wherever they want.
  • How does BFR build muscle?

    BFR training drives the release of muscle building hormones while drastically increasing muscle fibre recruitment, despite lifting light weights. As a result, BFR increases muscle size, strength, and power much faster than conventional training alone.

  • How do you wash the garment/care for it?

    See User Guide for full product care instructions.

    Apply the velcro before washing to avoid the straps snagging. Wash at a low tempertaure, with a low spin, and air dry only – no tumble drying.

  • How does Recovery BFR compare to other recovery methods? 

    Due to the versatility and ease of use of Hytro, the practical benefits and applied usage are second to none. For example, Ice baths and cryotheraphy take a lot of time and energy to set up and can only service a small number of athletes at once, while recovery boots or heat/ cold devices force the individual to stay still for the duration of their recovery.

    A wearable device like Hytro affords the user complete freedom to use alongside any existing recovery protocols, like a bike flush, mobility work, and even in ice baths. Easier still, it can be used while carrying on with normal daily activities like eating lunch or going for a walk.

  • How do I add BFR to a CrossFit WOD?

    By adding a set of BFR to the end of your WOD, you will maximally stimulate your muscle fibres and squeeze every last drop out of your WOD resulting in a greater muscle growing stimulus. For example, replace the last round of your WOD with BFR (or add a round if you are an absolute warrior). Apply your Hytro leg straps and perform air squats for a continuous 2-3 minute period, or, apply your Hytro arm straps and perform press-ups for a continuous 2-3 minute period and record your reps. Get the mirror ready, your muscles are going to swell.

  • How can BFR help with my football training?

    BFR will improve your muscular performance and translate to improved athletic performance.  Expect to improve your speed, acceleration, strength on the ball, and playing endurance with consistent use. BFR will also help you to recover more efficiently.

  • What payment methods do you accept?

    All major debit and credit cards, Amex Pay, Masterpass, ApplePay, Visapay, Google Pay, Microsoft Pay & PayPal.
    Alternative payment methods include Klarna and Clearpay – for further details on those payment methods, please follow the links.


  • When will I be charged for my order?

    You’ll be charged when your order is placed.

  • Can I split my payment between multiple credit cards?

    No, you can only use one credit/debit card per order.

  • I didn’t receive an order confirmation.

    As soon as your order has been fulfilled, you’ll receive a confirmation email. Please let us know by emailing customersupport@hytro.com if you have not received one.

  • Do I need to create an account to buy from your online shop?

    No, that is not mandatory but it will speed up things for repeat purchases.

  • Where can I find my order number?

    We will send you an order confirmation via email once your order has been placed. Your order number will be on that confirmation email.

  • Can I change or cancel my order online?

    If you wish to alter an order but have yet to receive it, please contact us at customersupport@hytro.com and we’ll see what we can do.

  • I am not based in the UK can I still buy your product?

    For all International shipping, expect delivery in 7-21 days

    All orders are currently shipped from the UK. You may need to pay domestic import duties and value added and other taxes in the country of delivery. You are solely responsible for any such charges,

    If you fail to pay any such charges and the parcel is returned to Hytro, a shipping and handling fee will be deducted from your refund.

    If you’re still unsure about whether you’ll be subject to any such charges, we’d recommend contacting your local customs office for more information before placing your order.

  • Do you sell gift cards?

    Not yet, but we are planning to do so soon.

  • What should I do if my product is faulty?

    Please email us at customersupport@hytro.com with your name, order number and an image of the garment. This will make it faster for our team to resolve your issue.

  • Why is my discount code not working?

    Discount codes are single use only and will not be valid for a second use. Only one discount code can be used at a time. If this is a new code, please contact customersupport@hytro.com before placing your order. Once your order is complete, we are not able to honour your discount code