Hytro Expert Panel

Meet the team of experts helping Hytro change the face of the modern workout.

David McDermott

Elite Sport and Athlete Manager

David is Head of Elite Sport and Athlete Management at the world-renowned Sport and Exercise Science Department for Liverpool John Moores University. He works with some of the world’s leading professors in Sport and Exercise Science, delivering an holistic performance environment for dual career elite athletes. 

David is also the Head of Liverpool’s Talented Athlete Centre (TASS) managing a team of sport science practitioners, delivering support to local international athletes and Liverpool and Everton women’s football academy players.  

Dr Colin Robertson

Sports Scientist

Colin Robertson has been involved in human performance and sports science his entire professional career and is currently the Head of the Athletic Development Centre (Bolton One), and the Research Co-ordinator of the country’s leading Sports Rehabilitation department at the University of Bolton; whereby he oversees the largest injury surveillance programme in the world which caters for every Super League team in the country.

Prior to this recent role, Colin was a member of the School of Sport and Exercise Sciences at Liverpool John Moores University; where, along with his teaching and research activities, he established and led the Strength and Conditioning department.

Neil Parsley

Strength & Conditioning Coach

Neil Parsley is one of the most sought after and experienced strength and conditioning coaches in the UK. Over the last 16 years, Neil has coached Olympic Champions, multiple World and European medallists and National champions across a myriad of different sports.

Neil is a co-founder and director of the unique and highly successful Underground Training Station and regularly presents his work at national and international conferences.

Dr Ronnie Banerjee

Sports Doctor, GP, Musculoskeletal physician

Ronnie enjoys the mix of working with elite sports teams alongside primary care and musculoskeletal medicine, as he can apply his knowledge base to all settings. The sports medicine journey started by gaining a BSc through medical training at Leeds University, where he graduated in 2008. Ronnie then completed an MSc, MSoMM, MFSEM(UK), and FFSEM (Ir). He achieved musculoskeletal ultrasound competency and uses this for both diagnostics and intervention.

Ronnie is highly motivated and excited to see the potential that Hytro has in the sports and musculoskeletal medicine field. The benefits it can have for muscle gains generally, post-injury rehabilitation or pre/postoperative surgery are huge. By working across various sectors allows him to appreciate that the benefits of Hytro are endless for all populations whether elite sport, military, the general health enthusiast or the elderly population. He wants to see people function to their maximum capability with a product that is simplistic and can accelerate this process.

Dr James Morehen

Performance Nutritionist

Dr James Morehen is a Performance Nutritionist who currently works with professional football players across International squads. He holds a PhD in Performance Nutrition from Liverpool John Moores University where he has built up over 6 years of applied experience working with professional rugby players, professional boxers and formula motorsport drivers.

Dr Sam Impey

Sports Scientist

Sam is a Sports Scientist at Team Bike Exchange supporting World Tour men, women and continental teams. Sam also conducts research to support performance outcomes at Edith Cowan University.

Sam holds a PhD from Liverpool John Moores University and completed his thesis on Nutritional Manipulation of Exercise-Induced Skeletal Muscle Cell Signalling: Implications for Acute Training Adaptations.

John Noonan

Strength and Conditioning Coach

Performance coach, lecturer and business owner, John has over 15 years of experience working with youth, senior and international athletes across various professional sports including Olympic medallists, National champions and Premier League Football Clubs such as Chelsea and Everton. In 2018 John founded his business Noonan Performance where he now works full-time as a performance coach to elite athletes, Fortune 500 corporate clients and also runs a coach mentorship programme. John is also a regular speaker at national and international conferences and a guest lecturer in strength and conditioning at Liverpool John Moores University.

Claire Small

Clinical Director

Claire is the Clinical Director at Pure Sports Medicine and a physiotherapist.

She is an Honorary Lecturer and Examiner at Queen Mary University of London, Invited Lecturer at UCL, Kings College, London & the University of Bath and a Journal Reviewer for Manual Therapy and Physical Therapy in Sport & the British Journal of Sports Medicine.

Dr Dan Martin


Dan is a researcher-practitioner working as both a Post-Doctoral Researcher at Liverpool John Moores University whilst occupying consultancy roles within professional and elite sport. 

He is a consultant for both a Premier League football club and a Formula 1 race team in addition to his long-standing work in horseracing where he focuses on working with jockey athletes given their necessity to make weight over 300-days per year. 

Successfully combining his applied and research roles, his work was awarded the SENr Professor Clyde Williams OBE Award for Research and Innovation in Sport and Exercise Nutrition.