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To understand how the pressure used in BFR works, think of a balloon. When you successfully blow up a balloon air goes in, but little air comes back out. And so it is with BFR, where it’s essential to allow blood to flow to the working muscle but to restrict the amount that then returns to the heart, ultimately causing the muscle to swell and bringing about physiological reactions such as increased hypertrophy, muscle protein synthesis and growth hormone production. With the cheaper BFR cuffs or wraps  this is particularly difficult to achieve and can ultimately be unsafe if not set up properly, which is why some BFR users choose to use pressurised cuffs so that specific pressures can be calculated. However, that was before Hytro…

The simplicity behind the application of Hytro BFR TechWear comes from its intelligent strap design, providing a safe sub occlusive pressure. While occlusive pressures cut off the arterial blood flow totally, sub occlusive pressures allow some arterial blood flow. BFR research shows anything from 40-80% tightness to be the ideal sub occlusive pressure. Within this range, subjective pressure measurements of 7 out of 10 have been proven to be both safe and effective. This is also the case for practical BFR, which has traditionally been knee wraps applied to the upper arm or leg.There’s a reason for such tradition: the positioning of the strap is key. Put it in the wrong place and the training not only loses effectiveness, but also becomes dangerous. To enjoy a safe, effective workout, the BFR strap or cuff needs to be positioned at the very top of the limb.

At Hytro, we’ve simplified the whole process to take risk out of the equation and ensure that every workout is safe and effective. Our patented BFR technology is incorporated into our TechWear, which not only uses the principles of practical BFR and subjective tightness, but also adds built-in safety elements such as the comfortable non-pressurised straps positioned in the correct location with scientifically-sound width.


Increasingly, Hytro’s undoubted benefits are backed up by the data. A recent study by Queen Mary University of London and Pure Sports Medicine concluded that Hytro’s BFR TechWear is safe and effective. Their five-week study with 14 male and 13 female participants found no evidence of any adverse effects, while participants rapidly acclimated to Hytro BFR and  increased their maximum push-ups by an impressive 40%. Safety  was further reinforced by the use of a pulse oximeter, with 2160 data points proving Hytro’s ability to find a safe BFR pressure when using a subjective measure of 70% tightness.

So when would you need pressurised cuffs? The answer is not often. With such a wide range of effectiveness, non-pressurised cuffs have been found time and time again to be a safe, productive and more convenient form of BFR training. When it comes to recovery, hypertrophy and performance enhancement, Hytro BFR TechWear provides consistent and impressive results, which is why professional athletes choose Hytro. Pressurised cuffs, however, may be preferable when used for early stage rehabilitation following an injury. Being able to use specific limb occlusion pressures that are tailored to the individual, whereby they hit a standardised pressure every time, may be beneficial when time, money and convenience is not a consideration.


However, to use pressurised cuffs safely and effectively it is often complex and expensive, while cuff width, positioning and material all need to be carefully considered so that the exercise does not become dangerous. When you factor in that pressures need to be tailored to the cuff width and to the individual’s limb circumference, things begin to look even more complex and time-consuming.

Hytro TechWear, on the other hand, removes any worry from working out with BFR by making the process easy-to-use and highly accessible.

Before selecting your BFR device, ask yourself what you believe most important and what you want to get from your cuffs. For the vast majority of BFR users, pressurised cuffs are not required, while the added time needed to set them up is cumbersome. If convenience  and effectiveness are your priorities, then our Hytro TechWear could well prove to be the most appealing device for you.

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