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Hytro BFR has announced Pete McKnight, Coaching and Sports Science Director at Hintsa Performance to advise on their wearable performance products which are proven to increase strength and speed up recovery


9th December 2021, UK: Hytro BFR, the leaders in Blood Flow Restriction training with their patented wearable performance products, have expanded their senior advisory board with Pete McKnight. Pete, a former Chair of the UK Strength and Conditioning Association, is Coaching and Sports Science Director at Hintsa Performance and brings a wealth of experience with over 20 years as a leader and investor in sports businesses.


Pete McKnight said of the appointment “It’s an honour to be welcomed onboard at Hytro. It’s clear their innovation and brand strategy to date is standing them in good stead to build a globally respected brand. I look forward to bringing my experience in coaching and performance to help showcase the widespread benefits of BFR training to more and more people, incorporating it into their daily lives.”


Raj Thiruchelvarajah, CEO and Co-Founder of Hytro, said of the announcement, “As we continue to expand Hytro BFR into new markets, we are delighted to officially welcome Pete to the team. Pete has been advising us for a few months now, and its clear his knowledge spanning the intersection of performance, coaching, and business is sure to prove invaluable as we continue to show the benefits of BFR training across multiple disciplines of performance and recovery in what is a very exciting next chapter for the business.”


This news follows an announcement in November this year that welcomed Yanto Barker, founder and Managing Director of Le Col and Nikki Doucet, former Nike Senior Exec as senior advisors also helping Hytro BFR with the direction and strategy of the rapidly expanding business.


About Hytro:

Hytro’s patented wearable packages the remarkable benefits of BFR in safe and easy-to-use sportswear. Extensively tested by experts, Hytro is ideal for active or passive work, allowing athletes to power up their training sessions and boost their recovery. Developed by scientists, Hytro wearable BFR is made from high quality fabrics chosen for comfort, performance and longevity. It features an in-built strap, carefully designed and positioned to deploy within seconds and deliver a safe workout, making BFR more accessible than ever before.


About BFR Training:

To perform BFR training, a strap is applied to the upper arms or legs and tightened. This allows oxygenated blood to flow into the limbs while limiting the return blood flow. This increases muscle fibre activation and up-regulates muscle-building hormones, leading to rapid increases in muscle size and strength. Countless studies have found just two weeks of BFR training is enough to significantly increase muscle size, strength and power.

There is also significant scientific data to support the effectiveness of passive recovery with BFR. Using passive BFR will accelerate recovery, meaning athletes can feel refreshed after even the toughest of sessions. Passive BFR training can be done anytime, anywhere. By simply strapping in with your Hytro BFR wearable performance product, you put into motion a whole series of physiological changes in your body without the need for movement.