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Athlete: Matt Dudman

Interests & Sports: Rugby and Gym

Feedback: “I’ve used BFR cuffs before but Hytro makes it so much easier, you get the straps in the right place and it’s more comfortable. Ultimately it gives you a much better workout.”

Athlete: Lauren Halsey

Interests & Sports: Personal Training, Gym and Handstands

Feedback: “It’s super enjoyable doing stuff with this equipment because I just get my sessions done so quickly! And also you feel like you had a crazy workout even though you’ve spent less time and you’ve lifted less weight. It’s really insane this technology, I am enjoying it immensely. I’m in and out of the gym like a flash.”

Athlete: Damien Foster

Interests & Sports: CrossFit and Gym

Feedback: “The reason I love the Hytro top – you can wear it for the whole duration of your workout and it’s not restrictive. At the end, as a finisher just apply the cuffs for three minutes and you’ve got a good arm session done – love it.”

Athlete: Francis Highton

Interests & Sports: Rowing, Running and F45 Classes

Feedback: “I’ve been using blood flow restriction training for a few weeks now, the Hytro top makes it really simple to strap yourself up, I use it particularly for finishers at the end of a session. It really is easy to get that pump on and it really does feel good and you can see the difference after a session.”

Athlete: James Dalton

Interests & Sports: CrossFit and Rowing

Feedback: “After 6 weeks of using the Hytro Tech for blood flow restriction training, I can really notice the difference. Using it for quick finishers is easy, you look and feel so pumped after such a short time, and it’s improved my lifting numbers too.”


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