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The Recovery Benefits of Blood Flow Restriction.


Applied Research study conducted
by Bristol Bears’ Head of Medicine
Adam Roberts and research student Nathan Jones to assess the benefits of post-match Recovery BFR.

Study Overview

15 Elite Professional Rugby Union Players from Bristol Bears Rugby Club

Recovery BFR was applied passively <2hrs post-match

Recovery BFR intervention was tested over 7 competitive games, following 3 games of baseline data collection

Protocol included maximal Hytro occlusion for 3×5 mins, with 3 minutes reperfusion between sets (Takarada et al., 2000)

Post-match Recovery BFR significantly impacted the players’ recovery scores, including reductions in fatigue, joint pain, and muscle soreness.

Recovery was also notably improved on Gameday +2 when back at the club.

Adam Roberts

Key Findings

Recovery BFR with Hytro improved the perceptual recovery of elite athletes both immediately and 48-Hours Post-Game

Athletes reported feeling 82% less fatigued and 75% less sore immediately post game vs baseline

Athletes reported back to training on GD+2 feeling 24% less fatigued and 18% less sore vs baseline

Hytro provides a simple, effective, and practical recovery tool for squads of athletes (Neal et al., 2023)