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Prepare, Rehab and Recover like never before

BFR designed with athletes, accessible to every body.

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Safe, Comfortable and Effective Blood Flow Restriction wearables


Premium sweat wicking fabric, with integrated BFR Technology;  simply pull the straps as tightly as you can around the top of your arm or leg and firmly apply the Velcro patch, locking blood in the muscles.

Competitive advantage built in.

Hytro has really refined the protocols for various modalities. It’s safe to use without coaching supervision, unlocking the benefits of BFR not only in the pro game, but also at a grassroot level.

Dr Mark Gillett - Chief Medical Officer at the Premier League and Hytro BFR advocate

Accelerated muscular adaptations

Josh Charnley - Leigh Centurions

Dramatically reduced atrophy

Charlie Willett - Exeter Chiefs

Progression when load compromised

Game Changer Performance - St George’s Park

Designed in partnership with the best medical practitioners in professional sport, and adopted by clubs and athletes across the globe.

Hytro BFR is the industry’s choice in BFR device, specifically designed to improve rehabilitation in sports performance.

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February 20th, 2024GB Basketball and Hytro logo overlaid onto image of basketball player with ball

Hytro Appointed Exclusive BFR Performance Partner to GB Basketball to Boost Team’s International Success

Hytro proudly announces its Official BFR Performance Partnership with GB Basketball introducing cutting-edge BFR wearables to the nation’s premier team. This collaboration aims to optimise performance at a fascinating time in the sport of basketball here in Great Britain.

February 16th, 2024Sarah Payne strapping into Hytro BFR Performance Shorts whilst sitting down

BFR and Rehabilitation; The ‘Human First’ Advantages on the Body and Mind

Sarah Payne, footballer and Strength and Conditioning Coach, shares how BFR and the Hytro wearables have transformed her ACL rehab journey, offering both mental and physical benefits that align with her commitment to the ‘human first’ approach.

February 9th, 2024Hytro Performance Podcast title screen with overlaid cut out image of Aaron Borgmann with folded arms on left of image

Episode 1: Navigating Complexity: Simplifying Strategies in American Football with Aaron Borgmann

In the first-ever Hytro Performance podcast Tom Atkinson, Head of Sport, and Richard Frost, Chief Marketing Officer, sat down with Aaron Borgmann, Physical Therapist, Athletic Trainer, and Founder of Borgmann Rehab Solutions, to talk about America’s most popular sports league, the NFL, as we countdown to the Superbowl LVIII and incoming Scouting Combine.