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2012 - 2014
England Rugby

At this timeour founder Dr Warren Bradley was working as the Performance Nutritionist for England, Rugby.

It was during these years that he observed BFR being used professionally for rehabilitation purposes. The technique caught his interest and he started researching its incredible benefits and opportunities.

Summer 2017
The Idea

Fast forward to the summer of 2017. Warren, having just completed his PhD and still hooked on the idea of BFR, started brainstorming ways to innovate some form of technology that would make BFR available to the wider public and not just pro athletes.

Something that would help people reach their goals faster and more efficiently. It was then in June of 2017 that the idea of incorporating BFR within gym clothing was born.

2017 – 2018
The Next Steps

In the year that followed, Warren got help from his brother Stephen to set up meetings with patent lawyers, while his girlfriend Claudia helped illustrate how the mechanism could be incorporated into the arm of a t-shirt. After buying a sewing machine and materials to manufacture a prototype in the couple’s spare bedroom, a UK patent application was filed in June of 2018.

April – August 2019
The First Products

Initial launch products were pinned down in April of 2019 and included men’s and women’s tops. After revisiting the BFR science in July, it became clear that the technology was equally useful for training glutes – leading to the development of women’s leggings as a hero product within the range.

August – September 2019
The Company

Hytro Limited was established on 19th August

January 2020
The Idea Comes Alive

We went on our first factory visit to Portugal to see the facilities and browse fabric selections

February 2020
The Brand

The Hytro Brand and its unique logo are created.

March 2020 – Present

As for many others, the outbreak of Covid-19 altered our business strategy, but we are finding ways to overcome constraints and to help people in the process. BFR is perfectly suited for at-home training and can help you maintain/increase muscle mass during this unusual time. We are also working hard to produce free and safe BFR workout resources to further support your health. 

August 2020
The First Photoshoot

The first Hytro photoshoot at Cannon St Gymbox was held.

As well as capturing product and action shots our models found time for a few challenges and tricks.

August 2020

Our team of testers put the prototypes through their paces during the summer of 2020.

Ranging from elite level athletes through sports science practitioners to regular gym goers and more they were challenged to take the product to its breaking point and to provide as much feedback as possible.

We also conducted controlled scientific analysis at a lab in Leeds. We tested our products for robustness and integrity to understand how they would stand up over time.

19th August 2020
Patent Granted

On August 19th 2020, after a two and a half year application process, the UK patent was granted.