Hytro BFR Performance TechWear

“BFR is definitely tolerable and because you know it’s improving your muscle size and strength, you just get on with it. It’s only 10 minutes of a bit of discomfort, but when you compare it to some of the other training we do, it’s a welcome relief!”

Sean Dougall - Professional Rugby Player

“We’ve recently had a player with a fracture in his foot who had ended up being immobilised in a boot for 6 weeks. We used BFR every other day and when he came out of the boot, his calf muscle mass was similar to the uninjured side even though he hadn’t been able to train his calf!”

Will Peers - First Team Physiotherapist, Hull City FC

“One thing players tell me a lot is that they love the ‘pumped’ up feeling they get when using BFR and I think it motivates them to push on when the sets might get a bit difficult.”

Gordon Brett - Senior Strength and Conditioning Coach, Munster Rugby & Wasps Rugby

“The physio here at GB has recently added BFR/occlusion training to my exercise regime. And due to lockdown and the added time I now have, I’ve been doing a lot more and am really enjoying it! I think the main thing when you’re doing occlusion training is that you know it’s working and you know you’re making gains!”

Rory Gibbs - Team GB Rower

The Bottom Line.

The Science

Our performance TechWear is designed with BFR technology that helps you get more from your workouts. Backed by science, trusted by elite sports and praised for its remarkable results, BFR is the new standard in the world of health and fitness.

The Benefits

There are many benefits of introducing BFR to your training, such as an increase in muscle protein synthesis and an increase in overall fitness performance. So whatever your goals are, BFR can help you reach them.

The Making

The very first product in the Hytro range was our men’s top. Designed with BFR straps incorporated in the sleeves, it was the first step to reach our goal of making BFR training accessible.

The Workouts

BFR can be used as a solo workout, or in addition to traditional strength training. It can be used with weights, resistance bands or bodyweight. Maximise the effect of your training by adding 15-20 minutes of BFR to your workout. Strap in.