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We challenge you to feel the difference! Take on the Hytro 30 Day Trial.

Hytro BFR TechWear has been designed to make Blood Flow Restriction (BFR) Training easier to use and more comfortable while delivering the significant results this science-backed training technique can offer!

We back our TechWear and want to give you the opportunity to experience Hytro BFR. That’s why we are offering free returns for 30 days from your purchase.

Feel the difference or your money back.


See Hytro in Action

Hytro Athlete and Strength Coach, Ollie Marchon, uses Hytro as part of his training.

“I use Hytro to give me added stimulus to help achieve my strength and hypertrophy goals. The garment is incredibly comfortable and easy to use making BFR training a seamless integration into my training sessions.”

Hear from the expert

Ollie explains the benefits of Hytro.

“The devices I’ve used in the past have been a nuisance. Hytro BFR is comfortable and when you need to strap in it’s seamless and you don’t need to worry about the positioning.”